Block Colour Crochet Ripple blanket.

block colour crochet blanket. drapey drapey.

Excuse me whilst I saturate one single blog post in several pictures of the same thing. I took many photographs and enjoyed doing so. I’m spreading my joy. There also might be a “reward” at the end, in the shape of different things.

Crochet ripples. block colour blanket.

This will be on Etsy by the end of the week (I tell myself), along with many others. I need to stop hoarding.

folded blanket

This was such a quick and easy blanket to make. It was one of those ones where you don’t have to think. Love those ones. The only fretful moment was when I ran half a row short of the shrimp. Luckily I had a small ball (less than a handful) left from previous adventures so I didn’t have to buy a new ball just for the sake of a few metres.close ups. over exposed edge.


I’m now wondering what other colour combinations will work well. For many years I would make all sorts of blankets, in all sorts of colour combinations but I’ve recently begun to notice a pattern emerging. I think I might be developing some sort of crochet style. It might not be a good style but I suspect there’s one there nevertheless.

block colour crochet ripple blanket

Taking repeated pictures of the same thing is confusing, I hope I’m not posting the same pictures twice.

colour block blanket. Easy crochet.

This is still me using up the significant yarn stash I have. I’ve been really good recently, I don’t think I’ve bought any yarn since May. (I’m not including the stuff I bought at the Bovey Craft Festival. Special circumstances).

Colour block crochet ripple blanket.

Here are the details: It’s Stylecraft Special dk in Denim, Shrimp, Navy, Mustard and Sage. I used Attic 24’s Neat Ripple and I think I chained 115 to begin, just right for a baby blanket. The border is Parchment and I used it to fill in the ripples and make a sort of picot edging.

Collection of crochet blankets.

These are some other blankets that I’m planning on Etsifying this week. I’ve bagged them up and weighed them.  Looking at Royal Mail yesterday was exhausting. The pricing schemes are baffling. In the past I’ve made the mistake of not charging enough for p&p and I want to avoid doing that again. It’s blinkin expensive no matter which way you do it and I worry it’ll put people off. But! I shall stop looking for excuses and just give it a go.

pile of blankets

And on a different note, I’ve put up a  picture on my facebook page to show my summer fete stall. Feel free to go and have a look. It was a very hot and sunny day, which was great (I feared rain). I had no idea what to expect, hmm, it was OK.  Having shared the fete blog post locally, I had a few visitors who came over especially to see me, which was lovely. But overall, I don’t think I had stuff that made people spontaneously decide to splurge. Eeh, I don’t know! It was a learning experience and I’ve even had interest off the back of it, so that’s good. Exposure innit!? I hadn’t considered that that could happen.

felt pixies.

And in the interests of sharing all that I do (not just the stuff that makes me feel pleased with myself), here are some cheeky pixies!

screaming pixie.

Er, yep, I made those!

sitting pixie made of felt.

I have no idea what was going on in my brain. A bit cutesy aren’t they?! At least they make me laugh and that can only be a good thing! What you must do is go and look up Pixie Day in Ottery (try wikipedia too). It’s another tradition here, in town, alongside the more famous Tar Barrels. The local kids from scouts, guides, beavers etc run around the town dressed up as pixies for Midsummer. It’s a long story but a fun one.

Anyway, I’m off to do some stitching now. The sewing machine is calling to me this week. This morning I drove to Exmouth, to go a closing down sale at a fabric shop. I spent so long choosing that I didn’t have time to go to the other fabric shop (probably a good thing; I’ve spent all my pocket money).


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19 thoughts on “Block Colour Crochet Ripple blanket.

  1. I love your blankets, I only made one so far this year & the border is still not done ! The embroidery is taking over & I love those hoops !!!

    Go now & etsyify them. I was thinking of setting up shop there have so much stuff not enough walls or people to gift !!! Is it hard to set up ?!

    1. Thanks! I want to do more hoops but I find myself always reaching for a hook! Etsy is pretty easy, I’m just good at finding excuses not to stock my shop. I fret about everything, writing the policies etc. I’ve set aside tomorrow morning for some etsy time.

  2. My husband and I (we are not royalty!) did vintage fairs for a few years and alongside the bric a brac etc I used to add my soft furnishings and bunting and everything else I made for pleasure. you could never predict what people would buy and they never bought what you thought would fly off the stall!! There’s nowt as queer as folk!!!

  3. I also smile when I’m reading your posts, they always cheer me up!
    Love your blankets and the colour combinations are yummy. Love the hoops too, really cute & great stitching. What a talented lady!
    I’m a bit of an Etsy veteran, I’ve had shop on there since 2007, so any questions…bung them my way. Will help if I can. When I first started it was much smaller & easier to get noticed. Now there’s over a million shops on there…not so easy to be seen! Have you heard of Folksy? It’s smaller & UK based. You might want to have a look if you haven’t already 😆 Etsy does have more traffic though. Don’t get me started on Royal Mail prices…prices doubled in about 2010 & customers definitely had to think twice before buying stuff. Having said all that, there are customers that love to buy handmade. They will pay decent price plus postage for beautiful blankets such as yours.
    I would start talking about craft fairs but I’ve waffled on enough!!
    Here’s my Etsy shop…

    1. Thank you so much! It makes me happy to know I’m cheering people up!
      Oh Etsy, no clue where to start really. I set the shop up a while ago now but the thought of taking good pictures, working out prices, and worrying about whether I need insurance or need to become a “business” first??? I really don’t know what I actually need to do as opposed to what I should do. I did have some items in there and I could see they reached a small audience but didn’t make an effort to do much really. I don’t mind you waffling, it’s all helpful! Thank you.
      I do know of Folksy but thought it best to focus on one place first to see how that went. It would be interesting to know what folksy sellers thought…

  4. What a beautiful blanket to add to your other gorgeous blankets! Good luck with Etsy, I gave it a go but didn’t get very far, it’s something I’d like to think about again some day! I love your pixies too, they are funny! Thank you for linking up to #craftingismytherapy

    1. Thank you! I’ve got a few now! We shall see, I have no idea really but I don’t think it’ll be as easy as just bunging them online and then seeing them fly off the shelves. Unfortunately. x

  5. I only sell on Folksy now as I found my little shop got lost on the bigger Etsy. I tend to put things in there seasonally so most of the year it just has my PDF pattern for sale, which is my biggest seller anyway. Craft fairs are so hit and miss but, as you say, good for exposure. Creating height and displaying fewer things at different levels makes a stall look more appealing.

    1. You’re not the only one suggesting Folksy. I’m now doubting my decision but I chose Etsy because I thought that I’d reach a wider audience. I’ll see how it goes and I may well swap to Folksy later.
      Useful advice, thank you. X

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