Scraping the Barrel (not really, it’s a fabulous crafty update).

chunky-hatChristmas is getting super close now and I’m not ready. So many ideas have not yet come to fruition. I’m probably being too ambitious in my crafty endeavours but there’s so much I want to make! If anyone else is in a panic about handmade gifts then this crochet hat is really speedy to whip up and looks great too. It’sĀ  the Ski Lodge Hat by Mama in a Stitch. I made it last week for my friend. She didn’t want it to be itchy so I used King Cole Big Value Super Chunky, which is acrylic. The pompom is Robin yarn. I don’t like Robin, it’s proper nasty but it didn’t really matter what the quality was like for pompomming. For the hat, I made 40 chains at the beginning rather than 46. That’s because my mate’s only got a small bonce. 40 was fine for her but for me I think I’d do 44 (bigger brain obvs ;p).

knittingI bought two balls of the King Cole stuff just in case one wasn’t enough for the hat (it was). With the second, I thought I’d have a go at knitting again. It transpires that one does need to practice to become an expert knitter and I ought to have a few goes to get good. I know what I want to make now though. My blogging friend Alida from Buttercup and Bee showed a picture on Instagram of a cowl she’d knitted. I said how much I liked it and she’s given the stitch count [is this what you say?] for making it. This is my first go at purling for a very long time. I can so do this! But not yet. Get Christmas out the way. Get new circular needles.

christmas-star-garland-easy-sewingI’ve done a rush job on a Christmas star garland. It’s not up yet (won’t dec the halls for a few more days, at least). I haven’t pressed it. It’ll look tidier once I’ve had a good go with the iron (not sure I’ll look at my iron in the same way again, not since I saw what Negan gets up to with his!). I could have worked on making this neater but I had just a twenty minute window for sewing machine activity and whizzed through it. Actually, this would make a nice little tutorial. That’ll have to wait for next year.

drops-andes green-ball-of-yarnI’ve been using some lovely yarns to make presents. The green stuff is Malabrigo. Thought I’d go for something fancier than my usual purchases. It’s very pretty.

being-sillyAnd whilst I’m here, let me give an update about this lot. I’ve not finished typing up the pattern. I’m nearly there. Last friday I did do most of it but it’s surprising how much work goes into even the simplest of patterns. Not only am I constantly double checking that I’m writing it down correctly, there’s also lot of photography and editing. I’ll get there in the end, even if I end up publishing it in June.

Finally, today I posted off my two remaining parcels for crafty secret santa type things. Will everyone actually keep them under the tree until Christmas day?!




19 thoughts on “Scraping the Barrel (not really, it’s a fabulous crafty update).

  1. Haha, you crack me up! Robin yarn…”proper nasty”…oh, it is, it is!! Makes me feel all static just thinking about it…shudder! Love all your woolly endeavours. I started my Christmas knitting in February coz I knew I would be weeping into my workbag by now. Good luck, you can do it!! Oh and KnitPro Symphony needles are lurvely…bit pricey but worth it. Xx

    1. A few years ago, when I didn’t know any better, I made a blanket out of Robin.It just didn’t feel right at all. But it was mega cheap and I got excited. Lesson learned.
      I should probably just not bother with handmade Christmas presents. It’s the same panic every year. Starting in Feb might be a good option…

  2. Love the colours you chose for that hat, it’s super cute!
    I definitely feel like I’ve been a bit too ambitions with all the Christmas crafts I want to do and presents to make for everyone – but I feel that way every year xD
    The star garland looks lovely too, I’d love to know how to make one!

      1. Seeing the pattern is a start – trying to avoid it is an all too different task! Maybe next year though (as I say every year and yet still end up with this crafting panic! xD)
        Awesome – I’m picturing that with some bright and cute patterns, the star garland would be great for things like decorating kids rooms and such!

  3. Ooh, thanks for the mention. Can’t wait to see your knitting. I’m frantically making gifts still, can I give one mitten and one sock and an IOU? Hmmmm. Your crochet is beautiful as always and that green malabrigo is so gorgeous.

  4. Liking that hat! I will stay well clear of Robyn yarn ha ha! As you go along you do appreciate the nice quality yarns …… although your wallet doesn’t !!

    Loving your last pic ….. you’ve got style šŸ˜‰

    1. I deffo like to try nicer yarn these days but yeah, can’t really afford it!! I guess it’s being choosier with projects.
      I’m a style icon. I’m sure you already knew that!! šŸ˜†

  5. Love the last photo!! Glad I’m not the only one who’s bitten off more than they can chew in the Christmas craft stakes!! I’m getting sweats thinking about the last posting dates to get presents back to the U.K. in time – eek! Love your garland – might have a go at one myself if I ever get my presents finished !!! Good luck!

    1. Haha! Thanks! I don’t know why I posted that pic?! I’m starting to take things off the list. There’s just no way I can make all that I want to. It’s not as if anyone is expecting specific items so they’ll never know that I didn’t get round to their thing.

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