The Craft Blogger’s Seasonal Nightmare.

cosy-crochet-blankets-copyAll old crochet blankets (and I don’t mean really old, they’re all this year’s but they’re just not mega recent – I renewed my Etsy listings yesterday and I’ve chosen to show these as they’re all on there waiting for someone to love them). What else can I do at this time of year?! Everything else that’s going on right now will be a Christmas present and I can’t show those. It’s a serious dilemma for a crafty blogger, I’ve got nuffink to talk about! Actually, I have managed to scrape a few bits together…

christmas-in-felt-copyI enjoyed last Saturday at the local school Christmas craft fayre. Not exactly a money spinner but it still counted as a success in my eyes. Plus it gave me an excuse to make things and making things is what I Iike best! (The owls are my new favourite).

felt-christmas-decs-copyI won’t blather on, I did that last week. Needless to say, I’ve got enough Christmas felt designs to write a book! (I even looked into that the other day but I’m still not entirely sure how it works. I’m too much of a chicken to ask the experts all the stupid questions that have arisen in me noggin).

turquoise-reindeerAnyway, Christmas came early for one person (sort of). I took part in my first (of three) secret santa type sign ups. It turns out that these things are absolutely brilliant. You get exactly the very best presents! Why wouldn’t you when like-minded crafty people are doing the buying and making? It’s great!

This crazy dolphin/reindeer was the present I made for my Colour Pop Craft Swap person. This swap was arranged by Miki at Set Free My Gypsy Soul. In my head it was the stuff of Legend: A Grand Stag of Epic Proportions! It ended up more cutesy and feeble than I’d envisaged, but do you know what? The recipient loved it and that’s what counts.

antlers-copyI used a pattern I’d found in a magazine from a couple of years ago. It’s also on Ravelry as Little Deer Toy. I designed the antlers and made two pairs, which I stitched together for a bit of stability. I also made up a little sparkly star to jazz up his rump.

crochet-coasters-copyI felt the need to compensate somewhat (I had rushed my deer and he didn’t turn out as expertly crafted as I wanted). Into the parcel, I also popped a few cotton coasters and a little toadstool brooch. I love these coasters, so so quick to knock up; I bet every crocheter has had a go at making these at some point.

christmas-colour-pop-craft-swap-copyThese are my Christmas spoils. They arrived beautifully packaged, from the Netherlands. I was so happy to receive this fabulous bundle. I can tell you that the cat has had her eye on the spangly jangly stars. She pounced on them this morning and I’ve had to put them out of reach. I’ve been wearing my wrist warmers ( I changed to mittens this morning cos it was -2) and I absolutely love my Father Christmas. He is super awesome! Mirjam from Stin’s Place is the creator behind all these marvels.

my-new-designs-hat-scarf-and-crochet-wrist-warmersThe last few days have been focussed on getting my winter set of cosy things ready. The patterns need typing up and some photographs need sorting. Then I can hopefully have a pattern for sale. This will probably take longer than I want because I’ll be making it up as I go along (when am I not?)! I’m aiming to work on it all day on Friday and I think that should get me a good way into it. Given more time and more energy, I’d make a whole other set in different colours. I really like it all would love to see it in a different guise. What I need now is a need a name!

Well, I haven’t done too badly with this blog post. This time of year is definitely a struggle. I’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel next time. Crikey, what’ll I do!? Anyone else suffering from the same problem? At least there will be plenty to talk about in January!


18 thoughts on “The Craft Blogger’s Seasonal Nightmare.

  1. Haha, I know what you mean! Thankfully most of my family don’t know I’m blogging yet, so hopefully their prezzies will remain a secret! 😉 Well done on your craft fair sales, who could resist such pretties? Love your swapsies, lucky girl. xx

    1. I don’t know who is prying on here so I have to keep it all secret!! It’s only for a few weeks but it’s made me realise there’s only so much making I can do. And at the moment most of that is for other people 🙂

  2. I’ve just mentioned in my blog about not sharing Christmas stuff! I’ve got loads of nice things to share and cant! Grr! You got some lovely bits in the craft swap, I was pretty happy with my gift too, it’s so much fun to do.
    How exciting (and scary) to be thinking of a book… I’ve no idea how you go about it. I know Quadrille publishers do a lot of craft books, they might be worth having a nosy at? Xx

    1. I’ll pop over and have a look at what you’re not showing then!! 😄
      I gather that you submit to the publisher your ideas/designs and wait to see if they like it. I don’t actually know if you have to then (eventually) submit things like fully written chapters with smartly presented pattern templates etc. Maybe I chuck my dodgy scribbles in their general direction and it all gets sorted! Dunno!!? 😯😲 😆 I only spent ten minutes looking it up, not doing anything about it just yet… If at all! 😄

      1. No, I’ve got no idea either! I think it’s a lot of hard work for the author tho! Your felt decorations would be lovely in a book, one day I’m sure we will see it out there!
        Enjoy all the secret present making. I’m getting bored of being so unselfish- I want to make something for me!!! Xx

  3. Love your makes! But I know what you mean I’m the same, can’t show half them !

    I must go over & stalk your Etsy shop 🙂 those felt makes are lovely too, I tried my hand at making some stars …. v proud moment ! Def reach out for help if you want to do something Rosina, people will help & if they don’t …. well they suck

    1. I’ve basically been lazy and just renewed what was left from my last burst of Etsy enthusiasm. I should’ve pulled my finger out and got some more decorations made.
      I never used to be a “go getter” but in the last few months I’ve tried things that have really paid off (some of which is coming soon!). I think I should definitely reach out in 2017, I have more confidence than I did a year ago and that will help. Just need to make all my pressies first! 🙂

  4. Me again…I finished the wedding shawl! 😀 Thank you again for your wonderful pattern, it has been pure pleasure from start to finish, and my daughter LOVES it! xxx

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