Oh, what have I done?! I vlogged myself!!!


What you’re about to see is somewhat of a car crash shambles but I’m biting the bullet and hitting publish. I could make more attempts but I reckon that’ll just prolong the agony.

So here we go, click on the image above to take a short journey to YouTube (I seem to recall embedding videos on here is a no go).

Here is how it happened….On wednesday morning (without really knowing what was going to happen) I got out my tripod and camera, hit record and just started talking. After that I put the files on the computer, downloaded a little jingle and then did what I usually do. I asked Husband for help. He just knows stuff. He found me a free bit of editing software (the one I’d found was questionable) and within a few minutes, he knew how to use it. I dutifully sat and watched, trying to take it all in. He’ll hand over the reigns at some point, and it’ll be me in charge. Oh crikey, what have I done?!

It hasn’t been plain sailing, I tried editing on my own at first and really messed things up. The computer crashed twice and a twenty minute video has taken four hours to upload! What’ll happen when I want a longer episode?! There is so much to learn but I also think this is a skilll worth learning. Wish me luck, won’t you!? And please subscribe to my channel!!







30 thoughts on “Oh, what have I done?! I vlogged myself!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! Honestly, it means loads and loads to me!
      I actually really enjoyed doing it. My computer didn’t but I hope to convince it that these massive files will be worth the trouble!!

  1. I’m not a fan of vlogs as I prefer reading but actually it was lovely to see the face and the personality behind the blog and you are really natural. Good work!

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot. I like both but I’ve been finding more and more vlogs to watch. I can crochet at the same time as watching but it’s trickier to do with reading! 🙂

    1. Thank you ever so much!! I’d dithered for nearly a year and finally decided I should just do it even if it wasn’t perfect. It’s all the behind the scenes stuff that’s boggling my brain!😄

    1. Thank you! I keep swaying between feeling cowardly and brave (ie not giving any flips). I am defintely looking forward to making more.
      At least with audio you can sit and crochet (or whatver else you fancy) and not worry about having to look at a screen! X

  2. Oh yay, nice one! I’m just back from watching you… It’s really cool to put a face and voice to the “you” I know from your blog! And you’re gathering up likes and subscribers all over the place already 😀 Looking forward to the next one!

  3. Hello! Finally organised my self with watching your vlog! It’s brilliant! It was so lovely to see you properly (loved the manicure and makeup- I only wear it for my dressmaking photoshoots haha!) and you were natural, didn’t talk too fast and it was good!! Looking forward to the next one xxx

    1. Eeee!! Thank you!!
      It’s so funny, I’m tempted to record something tomorrow but the thought of having to do my nails and makeup is enough to prevent that!! (I’ve only got two n a half hours).
      I really enjoyed it and I’ve had such lovely feedback. I’m saving myself for next week. Maybe a tutorial tomorrow, no need to put my face on then!!

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