Z&R Crochet Podcast 103. All the 2023 WIPs!!

zeens and roger crochet podcast

Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast

Perhaps a couple of days later than I had intended, here is episode 103 of the Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast. In this episode it’s all about my works in progress (WIPs!). Some are a little closer to finished objects, it’s true, but I have some tweaks that mean they’re not quite ready as patterns.

Hop across to my YouTube channel to take a further look. You’ll find loads more episodes and crochet tutorials. Or you can go straight to the episode by clicking on the picture above.

crochet granny squares

Yarny Things in the Crochet Chat

Firstly, as we’re talking about WIPs in this episode, some of these patterns aren’t going to be linked because they don’t exist yet! I will be sure to let you know when they are ready.

The first thing I can link is a little bit of knitting! I’m knitting the Sophie shawl! Who isn’t?! Well, I suppose most other people have finished now but I’m still making mine. Very slowly! You can find the pattern on Ravelry.

I chatted a little bit about my old Hotchpotch granny purses. Whilst I have adapted the original design slightly, you can use my first granny stripe bag pattern as a guide. With the video tutorial and blog post, you can make either the big or small colourful, crochet purses.

After many, many years I have finally gotten round to making a large granny square blanket like the one I made for my sister twelve or thirteen years ago. It will be a mixture of large and small granny squares. This time I am using an acrylic/wool blend of yarn: Paintbox Yarns wool blend DK in thirteen shades. The original granny square blanket is pictured below.

And not linked or added here are ALL of my WIPS. I have quite a few! I talk about a crochet cowl collection, another mini granny square cowl, a crochet cardigan crochet along and a new corner to corner sweater design. And I’m sure there’s more but that will do for now!

crochet granny blanket

What WIPS for 2024?

As 2023 draws to a close, I know which works in progress I’d like to see finished first. What about you? What would you like to see most of all? Not just my WIPS but yours too?

PS. This post contains an affiliate link for the Paintbox yarn. If you happened to click on the link and buy some yarn, it means I would receive a percentage of the cost. 🙂

Cheers. x

Z&R Crochet Podcast 102. Finished Objects of 2023

Crocheting in 2023

Halloooo! How are you?! It has been a LONG time since I put together a YouTube crochet podcast but the time has come for me to pop my head in to chat about some finished objects.

There has been a lot of crochet going on this year, I’m quite surprised at how much actually. But I did cheat slightly as I thought it would be acceptable to include a few items from 2022 that you won’t have seen because I stopped podcasting about 18 months ago. Therefore, a couple of the patterns are a bit older. Hopefully, I haven’t podcasted about them before. However, please forgive me, my memory of previous episodes is hazy…

Click on the picture above or go to crochet podcast 102 HERE.

Other Podcast Business

Not only do I waffle happily about garments, shawls and bags, but there are also a few other bits and bobs that I will add here too.

First bit of current news: until the end of the month (November 23), you can receive 25% off any of my independently published crochet patterns. I added the sale to my Etsy shop and on Ravelry. At the checkout, enter the code: NOVSALE

Next up…. fancy entering a Giveaway?! I (accidentally) have two copies of Modern Granny Crochet by Iron Lamb. I don’t need two so one will be gifted to a podcast viewer. To enter, just watch episode 102! Leave a comment in the episode’s chat and your name will be popped into a hat; a winner will be picked at random. The deadline is the 5th of December. Please note that I won’t ask for any irrelevant details, all I would need is for the winner to provide a postal address, that’s all.

And my other AOB concludes with… should I do a CAL at the beginning of 2024? It would be in line with the release of my Little Fluffy Clouds cardigan pattern. And if I am super organised I would also publish She Sells Sea Shells at the same time. Therefore, the idea is to do a Cardigan CAL or a garment CAL. Is it something you’re interested in?

Crochet Patterns of the Year

Scroll down for a few photos showing some of my finished objects, however, what I will do first is list everything I chatted about so you can find patterns that are available.

  • Before I list what’s featured, please do also check out my Free Patterns Page. There are several other 2023 patterns there that I couldn’t squeeze into this episode, including a hat, a granny shawl and some easy peasy striped wrist warmers.
  • Granny Square Jumpers. I have linked to the first, colourful rainbow version. From there you can also find the other patterns where I explored different adjustments.
  • Zigzag Chevron bag. A fully lined, crochet tote bag.
  • Wildcard – my new fave, a crochet market bag pattern. The link is to Ravelry but you can find it easily on Etsy and Lovecrafts too.
  • She Sells Sea Shells featured in Inside Crochet magazine, issue 162. I will release the pattern at the beginning of 2024.
  • The Rustic Ripple Wrap was in issue 161 and at some point, I’ll release it as well. It is very similar (but not the same as) the Lorax scarf.
  • Riley 2 is a bright and colourful, super chunky sweater. Find it HERE.
  • Sweety inspired Milis featured in issue 4 of Moorit magazine. It’s now available on Etsy and Ravelry. The idea for the combo of stitches came from my Mixtape Medley blanket.
  • The Barton Hap was commissioned for John Arbon Textiles Annual 3. I am immensely proud of this design. I pushed myself out of comfort zones for this one and I am very glad that I did!
  • I wrote a post for different crochet ribbing options. you’ll find a link to the video tutorial in that post too.
barton hap shawl

Let me know what you think? How has your 2023 been? Did you get much crochet completed?

For more crochet good stuff, it’s definitely worth following me on Instagram, I am there pretty often. I also love a bit of Pinterest so if you’re after crochet ideas, then you know where to find me. And finally, should I make more of an effort with Facebook, what do you reckon?!


Z&R Crochet Podcast 99. Fluffy Mission

Hi! Welcome to the Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast. This is episode 99!! To go directly to the episode, please click on the above pic or go HERE to my YouTube channel for all podcast episode and crochet tutorials.

Please see below for any links to yarn, crochet patterns and other good stuff.

All the Crochet Good Stuff:

See My Vest is coming soon. It is still in the testing phase. I will let you know as soon as possible when it is ready.

Hobbii Fluffy Day yarn features in one of my granny vests, and I have made a Miu Miu inspired granny stripe crochet scarf too. I need to find the time to put together a blog post and video tutorial for this scarf because it is super easy and looks great.

Speaking of blog posts. I did actually manage to get one out this week. If you are curious to have an overview about gauge in your crochet garments, go HERE to read my tips and tricks. Gauge is soooo important!!

I finished the Rockmore cardigan by Ana D. It is from issue 39 of Pompom Quarterly,

I am using Get Your Fluff On by Hobbycraft for a new cardi design. Will keep you posted.

You can watch my books vids HERE and HERE. I split it into two because it would have been quite long as one.

I will be at the John Arbon Textiles Mill Open Weekend in June. More on this on the next episode because I don’t feel like I have given you enough info about this!

Mind the Gap self striping yarn by Trailing Clouds.

Join the small but perfectly formed Patreon gang. Free patterns and Zoom chats await!!

Z&R Crochet Podcast 91. Finished Objects

Hallooooo! Welcome to the Zeens and Roger crochet podcast. This is episode 91. Hopefully all the good stuff is here but I did have recording issues. I lost some video but most of it was safe. I think I will need to find an alternative method because the camera I bought especially for podcasting is not good enough!! Bah.

Aaaaanyway, it’s lovely to have you here,I hope you’re well? To watch this fabulous crochet podcast, please click on the picture above, or go here to my YouTube channel.

Links to the crochet latest:

Moorit magazine. I will talk about the name next time. It’s a fun story! How excited are you for Moorit magazine!!!?

The Granny Go Round jumper is finally complete and I LOVE it!!! It’s a pattern by Claudine of Iron Lamb.

The Decked Out shawl is in the latest issue of Inside Crochet mag. Issue 138. I used a really nice sport weight merino from Milla Mia. I have used this before in Seven Summits and One Way or Another.

The Perfect Cardigan! I am super proud of my very first garment release. It was A LOT of hard work and even more learning new skills!! You can read about it HERE. I’ve written up the Ravelry notes HERE for my crazy mohair version, which to be honest, is my new favourite thing! I have added the notes because I made adjustments. I could probably have just made a size smaller than in the pattern and it would have been fine.

I used MYPZ chunky mohair to make the floofy mohair version of the Perfect Cardigan. Super nice yarn and I want more! Not sure if I can justify the stash build but I’m sure I will find a reason.

The cobalt mohair is Drops Kid Silk, a budget lace weight yarn. This brand is perfect if you’re on a budget. I bought mine from Wool Warehouse.

Another yarn discussed are Kingcole Cottonsoft It’s pretty much the only cotton (so far) that I like using!

What I didn’t talk about and wanted to bring up was Patreon. If you would like to support my crochet adventures and join a really fun community, check it out. I am sporadic with my postings but I share behind the scenes stuff and the different tiers all have different treats n stuff.

FYI there are a couple of affiliate links used in this post. It’s no extra cost to you, it just means I get a small percentage of the cost of any yarn you buy through the links.

Z&R Crochet Podcast 88. I’d Never Do That!

Halloooo! How are you? I hope you are very well indeed. I’m a bit achey on my arm as I had my second Pfizer jab yesterday. Luckily I don’t feel too grotty today. Aaannnyway, let’s talk about crochet! Fancy a crochet catch up!?

For Episode 88 of the Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast, please hit the pic above or go to my YouTube channel to find all the podcasts and tutorials.

A link to episode 87 is here (in case you wanted to do a comparison of pre and post blocking of my green jumper). I’ve linked to the notes as there are suggestions for similar patterns – none of which, I’ve made. But they might be up your street.

Fun Crochet Things:

Paintbox Worsted superwash wool. This is an affiliate link that, with no extra cost to you, can get me a small percentage of the cost. It’s the usual fabulous colour palette that I really enjoy playing around with.

I briefly mentioned Moorit. If you caught that and wondered what I was on about then go HERE.

I made Granny square printed cards!! I love them so much. Please pop to Etsy to have a closer look. Or have a read of the post I wrote about them.

I am making not one, but two Granny Go Round jumpers!! I’ve enjoyed making them so far. They are winners! Although I’d forgotten I’d actually talked about them a little bit last episode, oops!

Fancy supporting the podcast?! Then feel free to buy me a Ko-fi. Or become a member of the Patreon Gang. This Saturday is our second Zoom chat. Our first meet up was ace, come and join us!!

If you would like to have a look at my other work, there’s a Free Patterns page here on the blog. You can also go to Ravelry, Etsy, Lovecrafts and / or Ribblr.

Other places you can find me: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. These last two, hmm, I read tweets but rarely tweet myself. I use FB to share the latest videos and blog posts. I also share any interesting articles I’ve found online.

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Z&R Crochet Podcast 87. Unmistakably Green

Hey! I’m back already, surpriiise!! For Episode 87 of the Zeens and Roger crochet podcast please click on the pic above to go directly to the episode, or go to my YouTube channel HERE.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the last episode. It was very heartening to know that so many are keen on a monthly newsletter. I’m going to whirr it round in my brain for a while to work out the best way to get this to you.

Links to Crochet Good Stuff:

Paintbox Yarns can be found HERE. It’s an affiliate link so if you buy via the link I will get at least 5% of the sale. The cardi I made and the new cardigan I will make next are both going to be made in Paintbox yarns. One is the aran wool mix, which I absolutely love and the other I’ve not used before. It’s worsted weight 100% wool superwash. I have had a squidge and it seems nice so far! The cardies evolved from the JW Anderson cardigan that I made last year.

The granny square mug is from Made By Love on Etsy.

I used Cascade 2020 superwash in Tree Top to make my green jumper. Here are a couple of turtle neck crochet sweater patterns if you fancy: The Chainette Turtleneck was one I first spotted. Then I saw the Millennial Jumper, which is a pretty close match. Or there’s the Elsa Polo neck, which I’m sure I spotted made with mohair too. That would look amazing!

Heather’s Grading Work Book is HERE. Once again, it’s an affiliate link and I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale. As you may know Heather is the garment designer behind HGDC. I’m sure you know the Revival jumper, a modern granny masterpiece! Pre-orders are open until the 1st of April. Check it out asap cos there are early bird discounts! There are two different levels, which I think is pretty neat. One has more of a personal touch from Heather but there are limited spaces so grab a space while you can!!

Ribblr, a new platform for crochet, knitting and sewing patterns. I joined and am learning slowly. I’ll let you know the things I learn. Probably at my usual snails pace!

Join the Patreon community! There are now tiers: Moss, Linen and Granite (they’re all the same crochet stitch but with the different names! I thought it was funny…). There is lots of extra content on Patreon, pop over and have a look. The first Zoom meet up for those in the Granite tier is this Saturday the 27th at 11:00am GMT.

If Patreon doesn’t float your boat then you can always buy me a ko-fi! Or buy one of my patterns… You can find me in all the usual please: Ravelry, Etsy, LoveCrafts. Thank you so much.

A new WIP that I am working on. Not one, but two Granny Go Round Jumpers by Iron Lamb! Ok, technically I’ve only started one but there will be two eventually.

Feel free to follow me here: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook.

Sorry, not many photos to share this week as I haven’t taken pics of my new jumper, the little;e cotton bag or my new WIP!

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Z&R Crochet Podcast 55. Tidy Tidy Tidy

Welcome to Episode 55!  I’m pleased to say that I’ve been enjoying my crochet over the last couple of weeks.  I do hope you like the episode. As well as WIPs and FOs, I talk about Ravelry and their new policy. Cripes, it was tricky to talk about without getting passionate! I hope I was careful with my words; it really isn’t my area of expertise. I believe it’s important that it’s discussed though, so there was no way I was going to ignore the current issues.

Please go HERE to YouTube for all my videos or click on the pic above to go directly to the episode.


Knitcraft In the Zone

Free Market bag crochet pattern



Pitch up & Stitch up camping/crochet weekends. Check out Eleonora’s (Coastal Crochet) blog post about the weekend.

Asymmetric Granny Cowl free crochet pattern

Patreon. Your support means everything. I promise free patterns, I promise laughs, but I can’t promise them every other day. xxx

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Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast. 54. She Wasn’t a Ghost.

Hey! I hope all is well? Please click on the pic above to go to Episode 54 of my crochet podcast. This one is mostly me chatting about The Crochet Sanctuary because I went there last weekend! You can also go HERE to YouTube! That’s where you’ll find my channel. Ta very much. x


Ravelry Store – Flash sale 20% off until midnight on Monday . No code needed.

Stripey C2C bag

Patreon – Thank you for your support. I looooovee yoooooo! ;p

The Crochet Sanctuary

The Forest Valley Shawl

Tortoise blog post

Granny square bag pattern.

ZZ block blanket.

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ZZ Block. I updated the pattern to include row by row lists of the colour blocks.

3 Strikes!


Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast. Episode 53. Ice Queen

It has been such chaos this week but I really wanted to stop by to say hello.  It’s a shorty and I feel like a stuck record but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. Click on the image above to go directly to the episode or to my YouTube channel HERE. Cheers. x

Not many links this time…

If you would like to support me via Patreon (HERE) then I will love you forever. No tiers or no rewards at the moment because I don’t want to break promises I can’t keep. After I get the current commissions out of the way I can focus more on other patterns and YouTube tutorials for you.

Off I go the the Crochet Sanctuary next week. I plan on reporting back so watch this space!

I’m slowly making progress on Hannah’s Frost shawl. I love it so much. Wish I hadn’t made mistakes on it but I love it regardless.

And I talk a bit about The Fibre Co.  In a few months I’ll be able to show you what I make!

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Thanks so much. See you again in a couple of weeks. xxx


Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast Episode 50.

Hallooo!! Episode 50 of the Zeens and Roger crochet podcast is up and waiting for you! As usual there are pictures and links below. Click on the pic above to go directly to the episode or go HERE to all my YouTube videos. Cheers!


EYF 19 video

Granny CAL info

Please follow @kirkandroger on Instagram, we’ll be posting pics of what we get up to with our hook making adventure.

The ribbing as you go tutorial is by Toni of TL Yarn Crafts. You can find it HERE.

Doulton Border Leicester. I’m using the 4ply.

Hinterland. It’ll be available to buy very soon!

John Arbon Exmoor sock

Granny Tie book

Somerset Yarns, Life in the Long Grass, Countess Ablaze, Vicky Brown Designs, Ginger Twist Studio

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