Z&R Crochet Podcast 88. I’d Never Do That!

Halloooo! How are you? I hope you are very well indeed. I’m a bit achey on my arm as I had my second Pfizer jab yesterday. Luckily I don’t feel too grotty today. Aaannnyway, let’s talk about crochet! Fancy a crochet catch up!?

For Episode 88 of the Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast, please hit the pic above or go to my YouTube channel to find all the podcasts and tutorials.

A link to episode 87 is here (in case you wanted to do a comparison of pre and post blocking of my green jumper). I’ve linked to the notes as there are suggestions for similar patterns – none of which, I’ve made. But they might be up your street.

Fun Crochet Things:

Paintbox Worsted superwash wool. This is an affiliate link that, with no extra cost to you, can get me a small percentage of the cost. It’s the usual fabulous colour palette that I really enjoy playing around with.

I briefly mentioned Moorit. If you caught that and wondered what I was on about then go HERE.

I made Granny square printed cards!! I love them so much. Please pop to Etsy to have a closer look. Or have a read of the post I wrote about them.

I am making not one, but two Granny Go Round jumpers!! I’ve enjoyed making them so far. They are winners! Although I’d forgotten I’d actually talked about them a little bit last episode, oops!

Fancy supporting the podcast?! Then feel free to buy me a Ko-fi. Or become a member of the Patreon Gang. This Saturday is our second Zoom chat. Our first meet up was ace, come and join us!!

If you would like to have a look at my other work, there’s a Free Patterns page here on the blog. You can also go to Ravelry, Etsy, Lovecrafts and / or Ribblr.

Other places you can find me: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. These last two, hmm, I read tweets but rarely tweet myself. I use FB to share the latest videos and blog posts. I also share any interesting articles I’ve found online.

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One thought on “Z&R Crochet Podcast 88. I’d Never Do That!

  1. Ooh I love both of your new sweaters. That green is so your colour and the jumper fits you perfectly. I have recently made a wrap in a similar stitch and your jumper really shows your stitch pattern to be such a good choice, as it looks so snugly, cosy and nice. I love that the neck is more cowly than the linked similar patterns, it makes it so wearable. The stripey cardigan is a great length and width. I too don’t like cropped or too boxy or oversized as they don’t suit many people, but also because I want to be able to keep wearing my makes year after year, so prefer a more classic fit (but still with a nod to fashion).

    I’m so glad designers are creating such lovely wearable crochet. Crochet never was just about blankets! It’s so good to have such nice options available now. I knit too but honestly, a decent crochet jumper or cardigan is my first aesthetic choice as love how they look and feel. Tired of the digs at crochet (mostly from the US where it has a different history), I actually grew up with the opposite, feeling that crochet was somehow a bit ‘posh’. It is a stunning fibre art and craft and is the one that is currently on trend (so far as I can see) with young new crafters, which is exciting. I hope you will continue to keep on making and creating and experimenting as it is very inspirational.

    I actually think too much is being asked of designers these days (e.g. making for a massive range of sizes needs ultimately to be more about just creating the garment that will fit, it’s about altering proportions – for both bigger and smaller sizes, to make adaptions that better suit different shapes etc). Traditional designers often came up with an aesthetic and then others did the hard work of making it a reality from a picture. Not easy for an indie designer at all with all the current demands. There are designers of all shapes and sizes, who should be able to essentially create for themselves and then make patterns within their size ranges, utilising their own specialist knowledge as it is personal to themselves, but also relevant to others in their size range. I feel too that hand holding is very good as a beginner, but we all need to learn and grow by thinking for ourselves. Obviously just my own thoughts here. I would personally love blueprints for designs, (an adaptable recipe) as that would mean you could easily make the designs to exclusively fit to the wearer.

    Thanks for sharing here and on your youtube channel – I always enjoy seeing your latest creations. I love the crochet hook roll too, I love cute things like that, you know, pouches book covers etc. Hope you didn’t mind reading the essay.

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