Episode 24!! Zeens & Roger Crochet Vlogcast

As I type, it has been about eight hours since I recorded and I’m still doolally! I’m having a really good day! I will most likely crash tomorrow but for now I’ll enjoy the happy feelings. So, I hope you’re up for this episode of my crochet podcast / crochet vlog, it’s an hour long (I have a lot to talk about and there are a few strange moments). Comment here or over on my YouTube channel. I’d love to hear from you! Click on the image above for the episode. Cheers. x

Here are some of the things I talk about in this episode (and don’t forget the pics below):

Granny CAL 2018. Find out all the details about the Granny crochet along HERE! The Ravelry threads are HERE.

Fancy a quick granny project? Here’s my chevron cowl free pattern. I still haven’t dug out the yarn info. Give me a kick up the bum if you’re curious and I’ll go and find a band.

How to Become A Crochet Designer – My blog post about how I started. Mandy from RedAgape has a fascinating blog post about what you can realistically expect from working as a crochet designer. Please check it out!

My friend at Coastal Crochet is running a CAL too. Pop over to her blog for more info.

Melody Crochet Podcast. Thank you for my new things Melody!

I’m wearing the Blurre

Here’s the tutorial I plan on using for the Russian Join. Let’s do an experiment!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 24!! Zeens & Roger Crochet Vlogcast

  1. Awww, Rosina!! ❤️❤️❤️ You made me cry!!!! I got all tearful listening to you during that little emotional bit and I wanted to jump right into my screen and give you a big hug!! 😊❤️ I watched this episode all the way through… it’s amazing how you can just keep on talking! Brilliant! And of course thank you so much for the mention and compliments on my cushion! xxxxx

    1. Sorry! I honestly have no idea where those tears came from. I’m usually made of sterner stuff! 😀
      I can talk and talk and talk! I don’t always think that’s a good thing! Haha!

  2. I’ll try and watch on Sunday when I do the ironing (it takes me nearly an hour 😢) I do love your podcast, my daughter sometimes ends up watching it too!

  3. What a fab swap you did! Lots of yarny goodness.
    It was very sweet when you got teary- big hugs to you! You’re doing an amazing job of inspiring this lovely crochet community.
    I can’t wait to get stuck in with the granny cal… nearly there 😅😅😅 xx

    1. It’s like a mini Christmas!! 😀
      I did it in Sainsbury’s too. I know someone from Instagram who works there and I started talking to her about the CAL and had to make a mad dash before I started squirting tears from my eyes!! I am not a cryer!!
      Hope you’ve managed to make a start on your granny. xxx

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