Granny is a Go Go! A Crochet Along

EDIT::New CAL for the autumn…. Join in with the Corner to Corner CAL HERE!!

I’m hosting a CAL! I fancy trying something new and this is it! Have you ever taken part in a crochet along? It is so much fun! Not only does it become an opportunity to try something different it also gives you the chance to hang out with online friends (I’ll be honest, the community aspect was an unexpected perk when I first discovered CALs, I just did it cos I thought I might get a prize! I’ve never won anything in a CAL but it absolutely hasn’t stopped the enjoyment of taking part). Go HERE for the 2019 Granny CAL.

Why a Granny cal? Well, it dawned on me that I have two favourite “go to” stitches. One is the Corner to Corner (Oooh, I could do a C2C CAL!!) and the other is the Granny. I love its traditionality but I also think it’s great that it can surprise people. It doesn’t have to be a plain old granny, you could turn it into anything. I know that there are people out there who aren’t that fussed about the granny, so let this be your challenge. Create something that changes your mind, put a twist on it, bring it up to date. Do something different! Yes, this is classic crochet but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional. Or actually, you can if you want. How you dabble in your grannification is entirely up to you.

Some Details

The CAL is six weeks long beginning on Thursday 1st of February and ending on Thursday 15th March 2018. A chatter thread is up on Ravelry so jump over there, get talking and share your ideas. I’ll open the FO thread nearer the time. Need help? Here’s my Granny board on Pinterest to get you started. I’ve got a few granny patterns for free right here on the blog, they’re on this page (evidently, I really do have a thing for the granny). If you have seen something amazing let us know in the comments or on the Ravelry chatter thread. For Instagram entries, please use the ever so adventurous #grannyCAL18 (I struggled with an awesome name – they were all too rude…)

The Rules

There aren’t that many…. There must be granny stitches in your make (clusters of three UK trebles/US doubles) * It can’t be something already finished * Wips are allowed *It can be any size (if you’re short on time then don’t feel bad about making a small purse, that’s what I’m doing!) * This CAL is for everyone, whether you have just started to crochet or you’ve been hooking for yonks, this crochet along is for you. * Double dipping is fandabbydozy, I don’t mind if you don’t.


The winner of each category can choose five patterns from my Zeens and Roger Ravelry store. We are also very lucky that some prizes have been donated!! Fabulous Fay of the Crochet Circle Podcast is offering one electronic copy of her pattern book Take Two, which she co-wrote with Lynn Rowe. The lovely Vivian from the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn podcast (it’s a lovely listen) makes beautiful project bags and sells them in her Etsy shop, Pearl and Plum. I had a message from her daughter, Alyson to say they would like to give one as a prize!  And Laura from Home Fire Ridge will also be sending out a gorgeous project bag to one lucky winner (the ones I’ve seen are really pretty!) Laura’s Etsy shop is having an update on the 23rd of Jan so keep an eye out! Winners will be drawn after I get back from a weekend away in Edinburgh (arghhh, EYF weekend!!) Edit:: Qualyn from the Quoe Podcast (fast becoming a favourite of mine) is offering his Les Mis collection: two fab granny shawl patterns (I have had the songs in my head allll week). And Claudia (my mate Clauds) from Crochet Luna sent me a message to say she’s popped something in the post for us as a giveaway prize!! This is getting exciting!!

Prize Categories

I will randomly select one winner from the chatter thread on Ravelry and one winner from the finished object thread too. I will randomly select one winner from Instagram and one prize will be awarded to my favourite make overall. That is four opportunities to win a prize! Wahoo!


Finally, a massive Thank You!! I have had such a hugely positive response about this crochet along, it has been truly awesome! Without the enthusiasm from you guys the idea would have been fleeting and surely fizzled out. If you have any questions or feel like I’ve left something out, please comment below or get yourself over to Ravelry to join in the chat. I cannot wait to see your gorgeous grannies!!

By the way, it’s episode 21 where I first mention the idea of a Granny along and then there’s a bit more blather in episode 22. I’m sure I’ll go on about it in future episodes too! Ta. X

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All the above  items are made by me. The patterns are mine except the Colour Block Jumper by Cleckheaton and the Magnolia Mandala by Crochet Milan.

34 thoughts on “Granny is a Go Go! A Crochet Along

  1. Wow Rosina! How funny that I too am hosting a CAL!! Mine was a spin off from the craft stash hashtag in Mollie Makers week… when I put all that yarn back under my bed, I thought I must make a blanket but how about if others join in too!! It’s going to be fun… good luck with yours! 😊❤️Xxx

    1. I’ve seen yours now. It sounds like a nice, gentle one. I think this one will be too as I don’t expect people to make massive projects, just enjoy the simple granny! People can go crazy if they want to but it’s not necessary It’ll be fun whatever happens.
      Good luck with yours too! 😀 xxx

      1. Thanks Rosina… I have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow morning and I’ve included a little shout out to your CAL at the end with a link to your Blog too… I still think it’s amazing we both announced a CAL in the same week! 😊 xxx

      2. Our paths seem to be paralleling nicely!! 😀 😀 I hadn’t even considered hosting a CAL until a month ago and it just popped into my head. I wasn’t sure if I should do it but I voiced it on the vlog and got such a positive response, that I just had to go for it!
        I’ll pop over to read your post tomorrow. XX

      3. That’s great Rosina! I love the ‘parallel paths’ ❤️❤️❤️…although I haven’t ventured into YouTube yet!! Not sure that’s for me although it does seem to be the way forward… 😊 xxx

  2. Well done you ! you are going to be the next big thing with this. Not sure if I will be able to join in Rosina but I will look forward to seeing all the granny squares!! Will def share this post aswell for you

  3. Just finished a small granny square girl dress. Checkout my website, dress photo uploaded.
    And came back to your blog to see the lovely photos 🙂 THAT bag is gorgeous and bright.

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