Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast Episode 27

Halloooo!! Here is all you need for episode 27 of my crochet podcast / vlogcast / vid of me chatting about wool. Hope you’re well! Please click on the pic above to go to the episode or pop over to my YouTube  channel for all the episodes and tutorials.

Below is extra information and photographs about what I’ve been up to this last week (I’m not counting the week before as I was hunkered down, working on secrets).

The Granny CAL 2018 stuff. Go HERE for the original post and go HERE for more detailed thoughts about CALs themselves (I forgot to mention this new blog post in the episode!). A Granny Special will be filmed next week with a run down of prizes (and which wonderful people donated them) and all the winners, of course!! I’m thinking I have enough prizes for eight draws!!! That’s just mind blowing!

Countess Ablaze. You really must have a look at this. It’s part of what makes this community amazing!

Granny Rocks jumper by Claudine of @Iron_Lamb. Will I finish it for next week?!

Yay Retro! I was thrilled to be asked to give an interview to Sue from Yay Retro. There’s plenty of pictures of my crochet and home too. Check it out HERE. Keep your eyes peeled for a related blog post from me very soon.

Town End Alpacas – This was where I got my yarn for my new socks and the yarn for my pink/grey granny chevron cowl that I made a few weeks ago. I’ll put in a pic down below!

Hooked on Murder. A novel based on crochet. Seriously.

The old granny squares book is THIS one.

The Quoe Podcast

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5 thoughts on “Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast Episode 27

  1. The crochet murder mystery looks hilarious! I read a cross stitch themed murder mystery a while ago. Basically there was a murder in a craft shop!! And while they discussed clues they cross stitched! 😄😄
    I went and read up on Countess Ablaze. Unbelievable! Gorgeous yarn, I might have to treat myself.
    And a lovely vlog cast again from you 😘😘

    1. I read a couple of chapters on the plane. So far one character has recommended to another character to go down a hook size to loosen their tension. I’m pretty certain that should be the other way around and therefore I’m saddened and disappointed. Was this not written by a crocheter?!! I wasn’t expecting much and I don’t think I’m going to get it. Pah!

      1. Maybe the bad advice will cause crocheter 1 to poke her hook somewhere painful into crocheter 2….
        maybe this could be your book idea????!!!!

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