Z&R Crochet Podcast 67. Massive Head

Hello, how are you? I think you need to make a cup of tea, grab some yarn and get cracking with some crochet (or knitting, embroidery etc) while you catch up with what I’ve been up to! I feel like I’ve done loads over the last couple of weeks so there’s lots to chat about. check out my YouTube channel HERE or go to the latest episode by clicking on the picture above.

Not many photos today but, honestly it’s because I’ve been so busy crocheting I haven’t had time to snap it all! 😀


The Just Feel Festive Shawl by Caleisha Ryan

The Frosted Midnight hat by Sam Squeak

Encanto wrap by Claudia of Crochet Luna

ZZ Block c2c baby blanket

One Way or Another (the shawl behind me)

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Celebrating sewing in lots of ends by playing with them!
Just Feel Festive shawl by Caleisha Ryan

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