Z&R Crochet Podcast 69. C for Can’t Remember

Hey, hope you’ve had a splendid fortnight?! I have been mega busy but am hoping for some chilled out weeks in the near future!

Right, no faffing, let’s get stuck straight in. Hit the pic above for the episode or go to my YouTube channel HERE. Ta v much.

Links and pics below….

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The Crochet Society subscription box. What I didn’t say was that it’s part of an affiliate thingy. With the code ZEENS10 you get 10% off purchases from the Crochet Society shop. I didn’t tell you in the podcast because I didn’t read the email properly, I just thought I was getting a free box to review! So it’s a bit more than that, in that I get a percentage of sales if you choose to buy one or more of the boxes. I don’t think it’s for subscriptions themselves though. I’ll tell you more next episode because I don’t want to look like a trickster! Use this link if you’re interested (cheers. x): http://go.www.crochetsociety.co.uk/Zeens10 You might need to leave it a day or two to set up because I only just sorted this (when I should have sorted it a week ago!)

Crochet Wardrobe by Cassie Ward. I am making the Loose Leaf jumper. Will I run out of yarn? Yes. Probably.

Alyson from the KCACY podcast was heading up the BIPOC in Fibre stand when I was at Unravel. Check out the podcast she co-hosts with her mum, I do enjoy stopping by to listen to them chat about their current woolly projects. And please take a look at Alyson’s gorgeous design, the Tweel cowl.

Tilly Flop tea towel. Still swooning….

The Crochet Project shawl with the puffs of colour is called the Stop, Drop & Pop. Made with The Wool Kitchen zip yarn in the colour way Rogue (more reasons to swoon).

The Crochet designer who had all the knitting inspired shawls is Diane Bensted of the Crochet Chain (told you it began with a C). The shawl I’d like to make is Zennor.

Release the Hounds shawl. I used the pattern for the floofy plump merino from Mrs Moon Yarns.

Thanks to Stevie by the Sea for finding a new crochet book that I love!

All other yarn dyers I bought from at Unravel: Baa Ram Ewe, The Knitting Shed, Spectrum Fibre, Needle & Fred, Rainbow Heirloom, Qing Fibre.

And I didn’t buy from Folkestone Harbour Yarn but I did go and have a chat with Suzy. It was her naturally dyed yarn that I used for the Granny cowl, which was on the front cover of Mollie Makes last year (spot it below!). I have to say that her stall was beautiful. I only took three photos at the festival and two of them were of her stall. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it in the episode.

Lots of people were admiring the crochet!
The other pic I took at the festival. Spectrum Fibre. I am drawn these colours so much, just as much as I am drawn to the naturals of Folkestone Harbour. All of it makes me sigh with great happiness.
Release the Hounds! Fat dog version.
That tea towel!! My eyes!!!
Greedy cow
Cheap cheap.

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  1. Thanks for making the comment about the zip skein scarf by The Crochet Project! I went to her site and combed through all the patterns and found the Stop, Drop & POP Shawl pattern. Very cool!

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