Granny Market Bag Pattern

Crochet Market Bag

I have many, many projects on my crochet list of “Have To Make” and this super super crochet granny stitch market bag wasn’t on it. A couple of days ago it popped in my head that I MUST make a(nother) crochet market bag. I don’t know why it took priority over the commissions and other WIPs but I let it jump straight to the front of the crochet queue. Eh, it’s OK, it was super fast to work up and it’s now a finished object! Boom!!

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What Yarn Do I Need?

I made this super awesome bag with a ball and a half of Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo & Cotton. I used an entire 100g ball of the green (label lost, dunno the colour name) and possibly half of the grey, which is called Night.

Find the Market Bag Pattern

The pattern I used is one of my own. It’s the Granny Market Bag, which you can find HERE. However, I made changes to this new version. Not only have I used different yarn, I went up to a 4mm hook and worked it loosely. If you are a tight crocheter, try a 4.5 or 5mm. To make it even more loose and holey like other market bags a chain was added between each of the granny clusters. You don’t have to make these changes if you don’t want to.

Other Changes to Crochet a New Bag

I made too many rows at first; it stretched to the floor when things were put in it. Painstakingly, the handles, which I had carefully stitched on, were unpicked and the top lopped off. I cut it because the threads used to sew on the handles were now fully integrated into the fabric. Hours of frogging were prevented by taking the scissors to it (I put all the bits on the compost bin). Therefore, please note that due to the looseness of this version of the pattern, you can stop the granny stripes at row 30 rather than row 40.

Then came a couple of rows on htr (that’s hdc for US readers) before finishing it off with crab stitch edging.

Too lazy to crochet the handles, I dug through stash and found bag handles purchased a couple of years ago from Amazon. I hate crocheting handles so this is the perfect answer. Anyone else find that it takes an absolute age to crochet not one, but two handles!? Ugh, booooooorrring.

Hope you like it. And I hope you make one! Cheers. x

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