All the New Yarn!

Instead of saying Happy New Year (it’s been a few weeks; feels a bit stale now), I will say Happy New Yarn!! Much more cheery to focus on the woolly yarn! Think of all the crochet we can do over the next twelve months!

I think this is episode 85 of the crochet podcast but it’s not numbered. It’s been a while since the last episode so I have lots & lots to talk about. Therefore I decided to split the subjects up into more manageable sections. This episode is all about the Yarn! Funnily enough, this is one of my favourite subjects, I bet it’s yours too!

Please click on the picture above to go directly to the episode or go HERE to my YouTube channel for more episodes and tutorials. Thanks ever so much.


Flyy Dyed Yarn. A one woman business selling One of a Kind hand dyed yarns. Oh my, this is lovely yarn! It smells sooooo good! (I will stop banging on about that one day). I fancy making something for the autumn, don’t know what yet. As well as yarn, Rachel also sells other good stuff that’s related: crochet hooks, cute pins, stitch markers etc. Find her on Instagram.

Yarn Worx, a lovely yarn subscription for those wishing to support a small business and get themselves a little treat at the same time. I was sent one parcel as a free gift so I could show it to you. Do check out their website as there’s lots of different things on there including other crochet & yarn related products/accessories. With the subscription you are invited to join a Facebook community. They’re also on Instagram.

I briefly flashed Hinterland. You can find it on all the place I sell my patterns: Etsy, Ravelry and LoveCrafts

I created a Foundation Start tutorial for three different stitches (Sc/ dc, hdc/htr, dc/tr), plus I explain how I start my ribbing for cuffs. This is an alternative to making a chain and working into that. It’s now my “go to” method for starting projects.

Ooh, I’m interested to see how being an affiliate goes. I signed up with LoveCrafts. If ever you shop there, if you do so through this link, I will receive 5% of the sale. Ta very much.

Your support makes me do that happy dance everyone always talks about. One way to support my small business is to pop over to Ko-fi. Thanks!

Join the Patreon community HERE. Tiers are coming soon as I think it makes it clearer. I try and offer one free pattern and one other “reward” per month. This is a minimum. There’s often a bit more too 🙂

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for my latest design, which is called Companions. I will share more very soon. In the first instance it’ll probably be on Instagram that I show it off! Thanks you so much! xxx

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