Really Easy Crochet Shawl: A Simple Granny Triangle Pattern.

Simple Granny Triangle Shawl. Really easy free pattern.

This was a really fast make that I speedily churned out last week. It has turned out much nicer than I thought it would, I’m ever so pleased. It has also come at a very convenient time because as soon as the last end was sewn in, the temperature dropped and it was literally freezing outside.

Crochet Granny Shawl. Free pattern.

Whilst there are numerous Granny triangle patterns already out there, I didn’t bother checking any out until after I’d started this one. It was mainly to see if I was doing it the way others did. Mostly I was but I think they’re all unique in some way.

shawl mirror

I’ll share what I did here, with pictures, so if anyone else wants to make it, then they can. It is a good beginners project. I started it on a Monday and finished it on a Friday. It was taken out with me when I went places, so I could pick it up and stitch a few rows here and there. Or I just plonked myself in front of the telly of a chilly night.

Drops Lima DK

I’ve used Drops Lima, which is an Alpaca/wool mix double knit. I fell in love with Drops when I squished a few balls of it in a shop in Nailsworth (just outside Stroud) last year.  It was Karisma, which I went on to use in the Lilypad Fireplace blanket. For this shawl I used Lima in the following: Off White x5, and one of each of Goldenrod (!), Powder Pink, Cerise, Pistachio, Grey Blue and Dark Blue.

The pattern uses UK terms but it isn’t difficult to translate to US crochet speak. I used a 4mm hook. The 3ch at the beginning of rows always counts as a first stitch.

And whilst you’re here, please feel free to look around. Have you checked out my other free patterns?


ch= chain, ch sp= chain space, dc= double crochet (US single), tr= treble crochet (US double), htr= half treble.

ss= slip stitch, st= stitch, Fo= fasten off, ^ = little arrow pointing upwards!

Granny Triangle Shawl.

Start with a slip stitch.

Get yourself a slip knot and put it on your hook. You’ll need to do this for the colour changes too.

Beginning your granny triangle shawl

To begin, ch4 and join with a ss to make a circle. (A magic circle might work better for this but I didn’t even think of doing it at the time!)

Row 1: ch3 (remember that this counts as the first stitch!) [top left pic ^], 2tr into the circle, ch2, 3tr into the circle [top right pic ^].

Row 2: Ch3 [bottom left pic ^] and turn. Make 2tr into the first st [bottom right pic ^]. In the middle ch sp make 3tr, ch2, 3tr. In the last st [top of the 3ch] make 3tr.

Beginning row three of granny shawl

Row 3: ch3 [left pic ^] and turn. Make 2tr into first st [right pic ^]. In the next ch sp make 3tr, in the middle ch sp make 3tr, ch2, 3tr. In the next ch sp make 3tr. In the last stitch of the row [top of the 3ch] make 3 tr.

Many rows later...

Continue as Row 3 until you’ve used all the main colour. Fo. I used 5x 50g balls.

Nearly four balls in.

It should look something like this ^.

changing colours.

For colour changes, make a slip knot with your chosen colour and attach to the top of the first st with a ss. Carry on as normal. I did two rows of each colour.

Granny stripe edging

Scallop edging.

Attach the Powder Pink the same way as usual.

Row1: Ch3 and then make 1tr in the top of each stitch all the way along to the end. In the middle ch sp make 2tr, ch1, 2tr.

Row2: Ch3 and turn. 4tr in same st. *Miss 1 st. Ss in the next. Miss 1 st, 5tr in the next. Repeat from * until the middle, which has 7tr rather than 5. Continue on your merry way until the end of the row. The last scallop of trs is finished with a ss in the same st, which should hopefully be the last st of the row. Fo.

the tip

Back loops only for this row apart from the slip stitches. With the right side of the scallops facing you, attach Cerise. Ch2. In the top of each tr make a htr. Ss in top of all ss. For the middle scallop: Make 1htr in the top of each of the first two trs, 1tr in the next st, 3trs in the next (middle) st, 1tr in the next st, and 1htr in each of the last two st. The rest are the same as the first half of the row. Fasten off and sew in ends!

Crochet shawl. Ridiculously easy shawl pattern.

Blocking maybe a good idea at this stage but as I’m incredibly lazy I haven’t bothered with it. It might benefit the edging if it is particularly curly, but I think it adds to the scallopy effect.

And that is it. I feel like I’ve seen the word Scallop a few too many times now, not sure I’m keen.

another crappy self portrait.

I’ve been wearing it like a scarf. Look! A crappy self portrait. I chose this one for the Minecraft picture in the back ground. It wasn’t until afterward that I cleaned the mirror. Wish I’d done my eyebrows.

cat tail.

When trying to take pictures, it takes twice as long when the cat wants to get involved.

By the way, please only make these for yourself or your friends. Don’t sell what you’ve made and don’t sell the pattern. Thanks. Feel free to comment or say hello! [Edit] And check out my summery version here!

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64 thoughts on “Really Easy Crochet Shawl: A Simple Granny Triangle Pattern.

  1. What a pretty shawl. I just finished a shawl and I will wear it like a scarf too. I just can’t pull off the other look! The Drops is such good value too. Was it Mother Goose in Nailsworth or Bobble? I was in mother Goose just last week squishing all the wool 🙂 I had to be dragged away!

    1. Mother Goose sounds familiar, I think it was that one.It had a down stairs bit with even more wool. I really liked Nailsworth, just stumbled upon it on a weekend away.
      I wear shawls like an old lady when safely hidden at home but they have a tendency to slide down the shoulders, which isn’t good when I’m cooking the kids tea!

  2. You make it look so easy! I’d like to learn to crochet. A lot of people seem to find it easier than knitting? Lovely pics in yours post too. I’ll come back for future inspiration!

  3. Love the pattern! I have so much yarn left over from other projects. I’d like to use it. Would you recommend any other yarn other than what you used?

    1. Thank you! Well, I’ve just recently written about using a merino 4ply to make the pattern. It’s my latest post so not difficult to find if you just go to my home page. I guess anything goes really. I wouldn’t personally want it any chunkier than the aran I used in the original pattern. A double knit would work well too, I reckon.
      Mostly I use Drops or Stylecraft. I like Scheepjes too. All relatively inexpensive!
      I’d love to hear if you make it!

  4. Hi, I have a quick question… is this being started at the middle of the straight edge, or at the bottom in the middle? Thank you

    1. Hi, How do you get the straight edge going across the top when you finish before you do the edging?
      Thank you

      1. I think you mean the bit going from the navy into the pink. Is that right? If so, then that is a (UK) treble going into the top of each stitch of the navy clusters. Rather than crocheting in gaps, you’re going into the stitches themselves. Hope that helps. X

      1. Thanks for the reply would I just continue on with the cream to make it longer than 30 ” ?

      2. If you want to make it bigger then yes. It’d make it wider too though and then you might need more of the other colours. I can’t remember if I had loads left of those or not. I think the cerise was nearly all used up.

  5. Thanks for sharing this pattern. This is gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it out! Quick question, would the half treble be a half double in US terms? Just want to be sure. 😊

    1. Thank so much! Would love to see what you make.
      As far as I understand, yes, a UK trb is the same as a us double, so therefore a half treble is a half double. Daft isn’t it?! I wonder who decided that there needed to be two crochet “languages”!! 🙂

  6. When you say chain 2 and then treble 2.. since that first chain counts as a stich do I just make one treble for a total of 2 stiches? Or do I make 2 more treble for a total of 3 stiches altogether? Love this pattern, I want to get it right!

    1. Hi, I’ve half forgotten what’s what! 🙂 Can you point me to the bit where it says that. Is that part of the edging? I’ll go and double check and let you know. Thanks.

  7. I’m a crappy crochet girl myself-always looking at different styles and patterns and sometimes ending up with something lovely. I loved reading your post! Totally made me smile and I really want to try and make this shawl. Thanks for posting the pics!

  8. Wow you do beautiful work! One day I will give this a go! These days my hands are either in dirt or working with wood! Oh how I long for days to just sit and crochet! Keep up the lovely crocheting! Thanks for sharing your talents! Take care! Koko 🙂

      1. I am going to give it my best shot! More projects, but hopefully a little time to read by the fire! Enjoy your weekend. Happiness to you! Koko 🙂

  9. I’m working on this shawl, and for the life of me cannot figure out how or why I’ve got a more diamond-shaped shawl on my hands instead of the triangular shawl that you have on the post! Is there any help you could give me?

    1. Perhaps you’re increasing where you don’t need to? Or it might just look that way after a few rows. You might see more of a triangle once you’ve worked a few more.

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