Christmas Present Round Up.

xmas-tree-copyChristmas feels like it was months ago. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks to really make sure it has completely distanced itself. However, it wasn’t really that long ago and I think I’m still allowed to talk about it today (if only in a crochet/crafting capacity).

home-at-christmasI do hope everyone had a good one and all that. I received so many lovely things and I’m going to share some of them now.

dartmoor-yarns-gifts dartmoor-yarnFirst off the bat is my wonderful gift from Bekki at The Dartmoor Yarn Company. I got an amazing array crafty of things. They were all indivdually wrapped and it was so much fun to open them all on Christmas morning. I managed to lose a couple to my littlest, who thinks that all presents are for him. I don’t think he was impressed with receiving yarn though. I was! Thank you Bekki, I love it all but my particular favourite is the Blacker Blends pistachio yarn (a project has already begun). And the teeny advent sack is so cute! This gift was all part of Stitching Santa, organised by Shelia from Sewchet. I sent a gift to another craft blogger and felt terrible because I hadn’t included half as many things. I hadn’t even thought to include chocs or sweeties. What kind of Christmas gift is that?! No chocs or sweeties, it would’ve been a sad day…

make-e-moomaloomI also took part in another secret santa swap. This one was all arranged by Emily of Make.e over on Instagram. I got a gift from Emma of Moomaloom. The pencils are brilliant and now I really want to make a pencil case, just for them. In the initial sign up process we had to give a little bit of info about ourselves. I wrote that I didn’t do princess stuff and that I was a fan of GoT. The Khaleesi mirror fit the brief perfectly and it made me laugh. I’llΒ  make the Christmas Robin next year, I can’t bring myself to do festive anymore. And I’m totally keeping the tissue paper, it’s gorgeous!

coastal-crochetThis one isn’t strictly a Christmas present but I’m including it anyway. My name was pulled out of a hat as part of a Giveaway from Eleanora at Coastal Crochet. It worked out quite nicely because we were both celebrating reaching 1000 followers on Instrgram. I’m a meany and didn’t think to do a Giveaway for my milestone. Maybe when I reach 2000! I’m not sure what I’ll do with the seaglass, maybe something for the garden? A mosaicy type thing… The bunting was put up immediately and looked wonderful as part of the Christmas decor. And Crikey, the Malabrigo yarn is beautiful. I think there’s enough for a dainty scarf of some sort. It’s lace weight, which means it’ll go quite far. I hope.

humbugMy last gift of internetty origins is the Humbug Scarf pattern by The Crochet Project. Jammy sod that I am, I was sent it as a gift because once again I named it! It was a few weeks back that I had the good fortune to name another two of their new patterns (the Kelpie hat and the Selkie shawl). I have promised not to keep doing it! If only I could come up with decent names for my own projects. Anyway, I’m using the Blacker yarn for this project and I started it last night.

threadsIn the real wordl, I got a massive load of threads from my mother-in-law. I need to sort them out. I got little plastic bobbins too so wish me luck in all the winding.

little-knitted-bunnyLook at this teeny bunny that my mum found at a craft market. He’s so cute. She mentioned coals and Newcastle but I don’t really knit so it’s not the same thing.

purple-yarn-from-bovey bovey-yarnAnd I bought myself presents from a very smart wool shop in Bovey Tracey (I dragged the family there after going to visit Father Christmas at the House of Marbles). I want to make some mittens with the purple and a shawl with the mustardy stuff. Both have slight variegation which I (secretly) don’t normally like. But since working with some green Malabrigo recently, I’m on the turn.

xmas-pud magic-trees lights-copyMagic trees are an essential stocking filler, no?

There are a few more things that could be classed as crafty gifts, like books. Mostly crochet stitch dictionaries that I forgot to take a picture of (not that they’d necessarily make a good photo).Β  And I’ve also purchased another skein of yarn that I’m waiting for posty to bring. Anyway, I’m off to make pizza dough for tea. I’ll sort out the pics of the things I made for presents and do something about it next week. That doesn’t have to be a Christmassy post. I don’t think any of it is actually festive themed so I can get away with that in mid Jan.







17 thoughts on “Christmas Present Round Up.

  1. What a lot of gorgeous yarns and gifts, lucky lady! I love the pencils too. I’ll look forward to seeing all your lovely projects with the variegated yarn (which I’m also becoming a fan of!) xx

  2. What beautiful gifts ❀ I see lots of posh yarn there! If it’s any consolation I didn’t put chocolates in my secret Santa gift either πŸ™ I haven’t received mine yet so no idea what goodies are coming my way, it will be like having an extra birthday πŸ™‚

  3. WOW! You’ve had a good Christmas! Thanks for the tip on the other secret Santa, I can see myself joining in that too next year πŸ™‚ I love the shop at Bovey Tracey – guess it’s about half way between us? Glad you like the gifts I sent. And don’t feel bad about the reindeer and choccy drink – last year I didn’t put any in my parcel, but got some from my secret Santa and felt bad! Look forward to seeing the finished scarf in the pistachio yarn.

    1. I certainly have! Feeling very lucky.
      It takes about forty minutes to get to Bovey from here. I’m going back there this coming Friday for an exhibition at the craft guild. Not looking forward to driving at rush hour, in the dark though😲
      I’ll remember to add chocolate next year!!

      1. Takes me fifty minutes. Certainly no fun driving there in the dark across the moor – but our rush hour consists of more sheep than cars πŸ™‚ I wanted to get you some marsh mallows to float on top of your Malteasers, but couldn’t find any in time. So that’s my top tip for next year!

  4. All that yarn, how wonderful! I know what you mean about not wanting to create the robin until next Christmas, although there’s never enough time then:)

    1. Christmas is well and truly finished and I’m so glad to be back to normality!
      Thank you for organising Sttiching Santa. It was such fun to get a gift from a fellow crafter. X

  5. Great photos as always Rosina! What fabulous gifts and so glad you liked mine- it all looks great on the photo you’ve taken…
    I’m only now catching up with blogs I haven’t got round to looking at yet. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    By the way, I’m off to by Inside Crochet magazine later- just so I can see your pattern in there- Yay! πŸ™‚

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