A Bunch of Handmade Gifts.

a-pile-of-christmas-makesMy blogging will is not here today. I’m not really here. I’d rather be doing my crochet. I’m looking over to the other side of the room to where my current WIPS are. Getting the balance between making stuff and blogging about it can be tricky! The problem today is that I’ve seen all this stuff, like, ages ago! I love writing a craft blog, I really do but I also must find the time to do the thing I write about. It’d be a bit futile if I didn’t do any craft wouldn’t it?!

little-fabric-basket handmade-christmas-presentI probably made this little fabric basket in October. I use a great tutorial for making these (it comes in two different sizes). Go Here for the instructions.

handmade-bag-with-bamboo-handl bag-with-bamboo-handlesI made up the pattern for this bag. I must make another and, when I do I think I’ll do a tutorial. This will hopefully happen at some point this year, it’s on a list of things to do but so are lots of other things! I also want to do a crochet version with bamboo handles as well!

could-do-betterThis project bag annoyed me. I forgot to add interfacing and it’s all floppy. The recipient didn’t mind and I guess that’s what counts.

t-shirt-yarn-crochet-bowlI made this a few months ago and it was meant to have another to nestle within. It hurt my hands so I didn’t make the other one. I think I chose a hook a size that was too small, which is what made it painful. The yarn itself is a t-shirt yarn from Tiger and felt beautifully silky. I don’t know who has t-shirts that silky, not anyone I’ve met.

rich-red-crochet-cowl gorgeous-red-crochet-cowlThis cowl was lovely to make. Very quick too. I used two balls of Drops Alaska and the pattern is from a new book by Nicki Trench. Crocheted Scarves and Cowls is the name and I bought it from The Works around November.

mustard-waffle-crochet-cushion-wiht-wooden-buttons crochet-waffle-stitch-mustard-cushion crochet-waffle-stitch-mustard-cushionAges ago I’d wanted to make a waffle stitch blanket. About a ball into the project I realised that the stitch was a massive, greedy yarn eater and it wouldn’t go as far as I’d invisaged. I frogged it and went in the cushion direction. It’s an 18″ cushion and I did 70 something stitches across with the old Stylecraft spesh. Love it. But it was a present so I gave it away.

kelpie-hat kelpie-hat-using-malabrigoThis is the Kelpie hat by The Crochet Project. Such a lovely yet simple stitch! I had to tinker with the number of stitches because I used a thicker yarn than recommended. This is a Malabrigo aran. I can’t remember the colour name and I don’t know where the label is!

red-cowl pretty-red-cowl

And this cowl is a free pattern from Here. I reduced the number of stitches so that it was a cowl and not an infinity scarf. Think this is Drops Nepal. Maybe three balls … 4? A couple of years ago I made the infinity version in a brown yarn and I wore it for about two years solid.

There really was so much more that I intended to make and time ran away from me. I also gifted lots of Christmas decorations too. Crochet baubles and lots of felt things were great for giving as little extras.

And now I’m going to dash back to my crochet pile and hide in there. It’s a lovely place to be.



20 thoughts on “A Bunch of Handmade Gifts.

  1. I know exactly what you mean!! Trying to juggle it all.

    Love that second bag with the round handles, surely, I could manage it ha!

    That red cowl is lovely too , I made a little one the other day, I’m living it in at the minute

    1. I bought 5 pairs of those bamboo handles from Amazon so I’ll deffo be making more bags. Just need to remember to take pictures as I go and then I’ll have a tutorial!

  2. So many lovely projects! I love the bag – making me want to go get some handles and make one! Well, first learning how to might be helpful xD I also really live the bowl, love the colours of it!

      1. I’ll look forward to it when you do – I can wait! (especially seeing as every single craft thing I own is stuffed away in boxes while I work on repainting and reorganising my space so for the next few weeks I can’t actually make anything – it’s a nice forced craft break! xD)

  3. Oooh, I’m glad you dragged yourself away from your crochet to show us these! I LOVE that cushion, and please do share your bag tutorial when you get a chance… I have a pair of bamboo handles that have been lurking in my stash for years, and I’d love to give them a home 😀

    1. The more I think about it, the more I want to make it so hopefully the wait won’t be too long. Plus, I’ve got lots of WIPS and running out of bags to store them in! 😀

  4. Oh yes, the constant balancing act between being online with your craft and then actually doing it!! Yes, I struggle with that too, although having the online presence has been a massive motivator for me! Enjoy being in that pile of gorgeous crochet! 🙂

  5. Finally I’m getting a chance to catch up with your lovely blog, and I can drool over the AMAZING cushion again… Love it! I hope you are all cozy in your crochet pile again. I want to dive into mine but I really need to tidy up the Lego that is all over the house 😩😩😩 xx

    1. I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up with my favourite blogs. 🙁
      I’m gonna dive back in to the crochet in a minute. I’m ignoring any mess today. Mostly it’s laundry but I just can’t be arsed….:p

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