Geo Rainbow C2C Crochet Blanket

Helloo!! How’s it going? It’s all crazy here at the minute, I have many “things to do” lists strewn about the place! One thing I can tick off the list is: stop worrying about the Geo Rainbow blanket pattern. It’s out now! This month’s Inside Crochet (issue 90) is in the shops. There are loads of great patterns in there but when I opened it’s pages, I went straight for my colourful crochet blanket.

EDIT: This pattern is now available to buy on Ravelry HERE

I made the front cover! Excuse me for getting excited; it’s very novel. I’m mega proud of what I’ve achieved over the last few months and I’m taking time to shirk off the modesty and say “yay me!”. I absolutely believe everyone should do this from time to time. Just stop and tell yourself how great you are, because it’s true! Stop worrying about others and concentrate on yourself for a while.

The idea popped in my head around October/November and the first stitch was made at the end of December. It was born from a crochet cushion I made last August, this one….

It’s funny where ideas take you.  I liked the geometric pattern but there was no way I wanted to make a whole blanket out of such small stitches (even though I have since done exactly that, with a chevron blanket!). The best way of getting the look I wanted was to go C2C.

Not only do I have a published pattern in this issue but there is also have an article about how to do the corner to corner stitch. I submitted the finished blanket in February; in May I was asked if I fancied having a go at writing a “mini masterclass”. I said yes because you can’t say no, can you?!

For the article I made a swatch, with each stage photographed so I could show how to do all the important bits of c2c.  Breaking it down was fascinating. It makes you realise just how much work goes into all the crochet that we do. Think of all those twiddly twists made with hook, yarn and fingers!

Lots of yarn is used at the same time. It’s so much fun to see it all jumbled together. I was (surprisingly) pretty fastidious about keeping it well organised. There’s no way you want this lot to get in proper tangle.

The people behind the magazine would like to take my blanket to Yarndale this year! How fab is that?! I do hope I can make it up to Skipton for September. I don’t relish driving for 5+ hours on my own but I’d love to go…dilemma.

Corner to corner is really popular at the moment. What do you think? Is it something you’d like to try? Have you made a a graphgan before? I’d love to hear. Do let me know.  Cheers. X

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39 thoughts on “Geo Rainbow C2C Crochet Blanket

  1. It’s bbbeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuullll
    Beautiful stretched well.. Oh how I wish I was there relearning my love for crocheting from you.. Congratulations on ur pattern publish… And ur mini masterclass… I have no words to describe your attention to detail… Looks perfect

  2. Well done – how exciting to be famous! I see that the nursery was styled by the lovely Claire Montgomerie – she did your blanket proud. It looks amazing!

      1. I know her from the days she used to teach at West Dean College and work in Loop and we’ve stayed in touch.

  3. Your blanket is GORGEOUS! Well done on all the brilliant bits of the magazine you did, it’s definitely time to say yay you!!
    I’m hoping to go to Yarndale…. I’m not sure which day yet but I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I think it needs to be spent on yarn 😄 Xx

    1. Thank you Teresa, I love your C2C cushion you’re doing too!
      I know I won’t have much money to spend if I make it to Yarndale but I’d probably spend spend spend anyway… I’m still umming and ahhing about whether to go. I thought about getting a bus but I should probs just grow a pair and drive it. 😀 xx

      1. Thank you! I’m also thinking of combining the c2c and your yummy granny sq bag pattern… can you see what I’m thinking?!
        Let me know if you do decide on yarndale… you could drive/bus to Nottingham and I’ll drive the rest! Xx

      2. That is a marvellous idea!! I want to make one now too!
        Yarndale is constantly tickling the back of my brain. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer! xxx

  4. Such a beautiful blanket! Congrats on the double magazine publication 😊 I’m sure so many people are looking forward to trying c2c now!

  5. That’s so great Rosina, absolutely delighted for you!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Your blanket looks great, is that your picture ….. the one with the little bed ? Very nice indeed

    You’ll be super famous yet

    1. Cheers Maura! I only took the ones for the masterclass article. I tried to take photographs of it when it was finished but it was a bit of a bugger to get it right.
      It’ll be champagne for breakfast soon Haha! … :/

    1. Thank you so much! I’m still going round, patting myself on the back!! I guess it’ll wear off soon and then I’ll have to design something else :/

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