Crochet Podcast Episode 10. There’s a Giveaway too!

Hellooo!! Episode 10 already, where has the time gone?! Anyway, I talk enough in the video, so I won’t do it here too! Below are the links to the things I’ve talked about. As usual, click on the pic above to travel over to YouTube. Thanks so much. X


The Spider Tutorial on YouTube is here. And this is the written pattern here.

Granny Beach Bag pattern

Zeens and Roger on Ravelry. You’ll find the thread for Episode 10!

Urban Stripe Shawl

Connie’s Blanket

Fluffy Chevron Cowl Pattern

Viking Hand dyed Yarns

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Podcast Episode 10. There’s a Giveaway too!

  1. You’re right, this summer is zipping by at an unreasonable pace! Hopefully I’ll get a minute or two sometime soon to check out this latest episode. I really like the two little bags you have in the featured image too… Especially the grey and yellow one!

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