How to Crochet a Beach Bag. Free pattern

At the very beginning of April I had an email from Hobbycraft asking if I’d be interested in designing a crochet project for them. It was really exciting to be asked and really exciting to learn that I could pick any materials from stuff they sold in their stores! Caron Cakes took my fancy, it’s self striping so no colour changes!! The brief was “summer” and what’s more summery than a bag for the beach?! The pattern pretty much uses two entire “cakes” including plenty for pompoms. Honestly, it’s a super easy crochet pattern and pretty fast to work up too.

Hobbycraft have an Instagram account and blog page especially for knitters and crocheters. The bag pattern is up and ready to grab over on Hobbycraft (see below). The best thing of all is that it’s totally free!! They’re asking lots of IGers to come up with patterns. It’s a lovely idea to include crafters who are already connecting in a virtual community. There are some fabulous patterns available and they’ve all been designed by us!

Crochet Beach Bag PDF : Crochet Beach Bag_zeens and roger

Or pop to Hobbycraft, here.

And if you spot my error, please keep schtum!! 😀  It was very late at night, I was tired and mistakes happen. I kicked myself for not noticing until it was beyond changing. What a silly sausage. Ah, you’re gonna seek it out now. Psshh.

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39 thoughts on “How to Crochet a Beach Bag. Free pattern

  1. Looks great, i have seen those ‘cakes’yet to try, don’t you just love hobbycraft. I used to love it there when I lived in the Uk. I braved the motorway to get there !

      1. Really !! I lived in Shrewsbury and used to drive to Telford to the one there. I hate the motorway but was willing to do it to get there and spend the morning there on my own ….bliss #happydays

      2. I used to say. I’ll spend max 20 haha big fat lie ….. do it do it and I can live through you 😉 although I recently found out they deliver now to Ireland …. oh so dangerous

  2. Love those pompoms!! Mine always turn out terrible! This is a perfect project for Caron Cakes. I’ve made sweaters from it and the spot where the color changes is a little abrupt but I love how soft this yarn is! 😀

    1. It’s my first Caron cakes project. It’d make a very snuggle jumper. But yeah, the colour changes didn’t bother me too much on the bag but I bet they would on the front of a jumper!

  3. I saw this on an email I got from hobbycraft. Well done and the beach bag looks super summery. Well done.

  4. Inside out? Nope, I’d never notice! Lovely project and the self striping yarn makes it look far more intricate than it is.

  5. This is extraordinary! So so pretty. The colours are so lovely!! 😍I am adding this to the list of the things I have to crochet. 💜

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