Crochet Christmas Bauble. Free Pattern & Tutorial!!

Christmas is pretty much just around the corner, honestly, it’ll be here before you know it. I’ve noticed this year that crochet baubles are all the rage, so I’ve had a go at my own simple pattern. I’ve made a tutorial for YouTube too, so if that’s more your thing then do jump across to my YouTube channel… Here is where you’ll find the crochet bauble video!

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Things you need:

-6cm (diameter) baubles. Mine are from Sainsbury’s but I bought similar from Wilko’s last year.

-3mm hook

-DK cotton in different colours. I’ve tried many brands and they’re all good: Paintbox, Drops,Β  Dmc Natura, Stylecraft Classique etc


  • Fasten off (FO) after each round and join the new colour with a ss just to the right of where you fastened off.
  • If you want to avoid sewing in most ends, crochet over them as you go.
  • UK terms are used in the written pattern, I try to use both UK & US in the video.

Pattern – make 2

Begin with a Magic Circle (or ch4 and join with a slip stitch).

  1. Ch1, 1tr,ch1, *tr2tog, ch1; rep from * 5 times, join with a ss to the top of the first petal. [6 “petals”]
  2. (Ch2, 1tr, ch1, tr2tog, ch1) in same space, (tr2tog, ch1, tr2tog, ch1) in each 1ch sp, join with a ss to the top of the first petal. [12 “petals”]
  3. Ch3, 2tr in first ch sp, 3tr in each ch sp around, join to top of the ch3. [12 clusters]
  4. Ch2, 1htr in each st around. [36 st]
  5. Ch1, 1dc in each st around, join with ss.

Make two halves. Sew in the first and last ends. Do not FO after round 5 on the second half. Place both halves together, right sides out and ss together, facing loops only. Just over half way, wriggle the bauble into its jacket and continue to ss together. This can be fiddly but it’s worth it! Sew in last end, using it to tidy around the hanging bit if you need to. Make several!!

Fancy giving it a go?! Please do give me a shout if you have found the pattern/tutorial useful. A thumbs up on YouTube helps too, I understand it gets more reach or some such thing. Thank you very much!

By the way, please do go ahead and share a link to this pattern. Sharing is truly marvellous! But I ask (really rather nicely, please, thank you, please) that you credit Zeens and Roger if you do. Just don’t rewrite it and pretend that it’s your own. I hate that. If that’s you, go and design your own bauble. Thank you ever so much.

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15 thoughts on “Crochet Christmas Bauble. Free Pattern & Tutorial!!

  1. These are really cute! While watching the video I was thinking that you could even use styrofoam balls instead of Christmas tree balls if you just wanted to lay them around, like on a mantle or shelf, instead of hanging them up! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  2. Do you think that this can be made with regular worsted yarn? And what size hook would you recommend with worsted yarn?

    1. It could be made with any yarn but you’d need different sizes baubles. Using worsted weight would make them bigger (even if you went down a couple of hook sizes). You can miss the last round, that might help to fit but I can’t say for sure.

  3. Hello ,I love your baubles and so glad found a pattern in uk terms, trying to work out the beginning to start it,I’m normally able to work out and thinking it must be me that can’t get it so excuse me if I’m reading it wrong,
    Begin ch4 or magic ring ,then row 1 is ch1,tr,ch1,*tr2tog,ch,and rep *5 times. If only a ch4 can I ask how to work all of row1 into ch4 and to ask should it be more chains to work in order for this pattern to work,even working a magic ring instead I cannot see how it works out,as said I apologise if I’m reading it wrong,thankyou Jan wynder

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