Another Christmas Wish List for Crocheters!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Wish List of things that crocheters might quite like for Christmas. It’s amazing how many ideas come flooding in once you open the gates. Not only could I not stop thinking of things I’d quite like to find under the Christmas tree, lots of people got in touch to make sure I knew about X, Y & Z too!

There’s still shopping time before Christmas so I think I can legit reel out another list of crochet related good stuff.

Here we go….

1. Fancy Scissors

To be honest I don’t mind the cheapy scissors that I buy. When they go blunt I just get another pair. The old pair get downgraded to paper cutting scissors and remain so until I use them to actual death. A quick look on Etsy and there are loads of pretty ones to choose from. If the Crocheter in your life is an IG fiend, get cool ones that are Instagrammable!

2. A Gauge Wotsit & hook measuring Thingy

Very useful indeed! And not that pricey. Square ones are good, like THIS one. And don’t forget a thingy for measuring hook sizes, the one HERE is fab. Some of my cheap metal hooks have the wrong size stamped on them, some have no sizing at all. You need to have a way of measuring them.

3. Mug

Love it!

Perfect, right?! It’s from Dear Ewe, an online shop that sells loads of crochet related items.

4. More enamel pins

There are loads out there if you know where to go rummaging. Look at these: Woah There Pickle, Two Girls co, My Crochet Makes, Pretty Little Stickers

5.  Sock Blockers

Not my area but I know others love em. Whilst I have lost my crochet sock virginity (it wasn’t as painful as I imagined; I even enjoyed going solo with my own design), I am not planning on becoming a sock slut.

6. Tote

I love a tote! Take current projects out and about in them, store ancient wips in them, get one that’s yarn related like THIS one! It’s a doozy…

Pretty Little Stitckers on Etsy

7. Blocking Mats

Know where your purchases are coming from. Get blocking mats from Knit It, Hook It, Craft It. Fay gives you the provenance of most (if not all) of the products she sells. Or try a wooden board for blocking individual squares and smaller crochet items.

8. Hook Case

EpidendronDesigns on etsy

I just found this one and I like it! Lots of sellers make them. All you need to do is type in “crochet hook case” into Etsy and choose one!

9. Pens, Pencils & Notebook

Stationery was a childhood obsession of mine. I still have an unfathomable amount of empty notebooks waiting to be used but that doesn’t stop me buying more. And you need pens and pencils to go with, obvs. A crocheter needs a notebook to make notes about patterns they’re following, to write lists about the future projects they want to make, and to scribble down new and original design ideas.

10. Lykke wooden Hooks

Lykke hooks.

OMG!! I flipping LOVE these! They truly are things of beauty. Also expensive. For UK buyers get them from Loop. I wonder what they’d be like to crochet with? I think I’d just look at them.  Possibly stroke them too.

11. Posh Pins and Blocking wires

Blocking wires are super useful and the sort of thing I’m too tight to invest in (I make do with knitting needles!). This is a more practical gift than a pretty/special thing but like me, maybe you’re too mean to get yourself the proper gear. Maybe someone can buy them for you. Not everyone blocks their work so if you’re going to buy these for a yarny person, make sure they believe in the power of blocking.

12. Hooked For Life

Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Temple was recommended to me after I published the last list. I haven’t read it but it’s a book of crochet related essays. Sounds perfect!

There will be more ideas I’m certain, but for this year I think two lists is plenty. The first one is HERE. Whether it’s you doing the purchasing or you have thrust the information under the nose of someone else who’s looking for crochet treats, I hope the lists prove useful! Ta very much and merry Christmas! xxx

Oh, and don’t forget that crochet is not just for Christmas ;p

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