Z&R Crochet Podcast 69. C for Can’t Remember

Hey, hope you’ve had a splendid fortnight?! I have been mega busy but am hoping for some chilled out weeks in the near future!

Right, no faffing, let’s get stuck straight in. Hit the pic above for the episode or go to my YouTube channel HERE. Ta v much.

Links and pics below….

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The Crochet Society subscription box. What I didn’t say was that it’s part of an affiliate thingy. With the code ZEENS10 you get 10% off purchases from the Crochet Society shop. I didn’t tell you in the podcast because I didn’t read the email properly, I just thought I was getting a free box to review! So it’s a bit more than that, in that I get a percentage of sales if you choose to buy one or more of the boxes. I don’t think it’s for subscriptions themselves though. I’ll tell you more next episode because I don’t want to look like a trickster! Use this link if you’re interested (cheers. x): http://go.www.crochetsociety.co.uk/Zeens10 You might need to leave it a day or two to set up because I only just sorted this (when I should have sorted it a week ago!)

Crochet Wardrobe by Cassie Ward. I am making the Loose Leaf jumper. Will I run out of yarn? Yes. Probably.

Alyson from the KCACY podcast was heading up the BIPOC in Fibre stand when I was at Unravel. Check out the podcast she co-hosts with her mum, I do enjoy stopping by to listen to them chat about their current woolly projects. And please take a look at Alyson’s gorgeous design, the Tweel cowl.

Tilly Flop tea towel. Still swooning….

The Crochet Project shawl with the puffs of colour is called the Stop, Drop & Pop. Made with The Wool Kitchen zip yarn in the colour way Rogue (more reasons to swoon).

The Crochet designer who had all the knitting inspired shawls is Diane Bensted of the Crochet Chain (told you it began with a C). The shawl I’d like to make is Zennor.

Release the Hounds shawl. I used the pattern for the floofy plump merino from Mrs Moon Yarns.

Thanks to Stevie by the Sea for finding a new crochet book that I love!

All other yarn dyers I bought from at Unravel: Baa Ram Ewe, The Knitting Shed, Spectrum Fibre, Needle & Fred, Rainbow Heirloom, Qing Fibre.

And I didn’t buy from Folkestone Harbour Yarn but I did go and have a chat with Suzy. It was her naturally dyed yarn that I used for the Granny cowl, which was on the front cover of Mollie Makes last year (spot it below!). I have to say that her stall was beautiful. I only took three photos at the festival and two of them were of her stall. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it in the episode.

Lots of people were admiring the crochet!
The other pic I took at the festival. Spectrum Fibre. I am drawn these colours so much, just as much as I am drawn to the naturals of Folkestone Harbour. All of it makes me sigh with great happiness.
Release the Hounds! Fat dog version.
That tea towel!! My eyes!!!
Greedy cow
Cheap cheap.

Z&R Crochet Podcast 68.

That two weeks went fast!! Here, as promised on Insta the other day, is my ranty episode. I missed some things for sure but I can always come back to it at a later date to moan and complain some more (I love having a good rant!). And also, it isn’t a full on raging rant, I don’t want to you to think I’m nuts!

Go HERE to YouTube to see what’s on my channel. Or click on the pic above to go to the episode (I forgot to name this one so it’s just 68). Cheers. x


The Road to Nowhere is now on Ravelry … and … Etsy …There is a 20% discount until 7th March. Read more and see daft pics HERE on a blog post all about it.

Crochet Wardrobe by Cassie Ward. I am making the Loose Leaf jumper

Alyssium cardi by the Crochet Project.

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Road to Nowhere
New jumper in the making
Future Easter Eggs?

Road to Nowhere. New Crochet Shawl

At last, my new shawl design is here and I love it! It’s something of a miracle because I usually learn to hate my own designs, having worked on them for so long, I’m sick to death of them by the time I hit publish. Not this one though, the DK version has become my new favourite accessory in the last few chilly weeks. It is warm, lightweight and the colours go with everything I wear. Result.

Road to Nowhere is now available on Ravelry where there is a 20% discount until the Saturday 7th March. It is also on Etsy (with the discount too!) and LoveCrafts will follow shortly.

Before I go into more detail (and I’m not going to go on and on, I promise!), I must mention my friend Paul, who’s a photographer. I asked him very nicely to come and take photos of me while I messed about on East Hill, near where I live. If you’re in the Southwest and you’re looking for a photographer then pop over to his website HERE. He does weddings and all that jazz.

Lots of snaps with my eyes closed…ugh

It was very cold the day we went up and just before storm Ciara hit. No matter what time of year it is East Hill is guaranteed to be windy and cold. After less than an hour I couldn’t feel my toes. But it seemed like a good place for taking pics and there were plenty of roads that I’m pretending lead to Nowhere but do, in fact, lead to Somewhere.

What do you need to know about the shawl? Well, the pattern comes in both US and UK terms because I know not everyone uses the same terminology. It also has two options: you can choose to make it in DK or 4ply/fingering. To be fair, you could probably make it in any weight of yarn but these are the two included in the pattern.

I have included a crochet chart for the main body, which accompanies the written pattern. There’s no chart for the ribbing because of two reasons. One, it is pretty simple when following the written pattern alone. And two, I won’t lie, I couldn’t work out how to create the chart without it looking like a nonsensical jumble of symbols! Erm, not my greatest moment….

One of the main reasons I often included variations in my patterns is because I’m intrigued about how a design will work in different colours and different yarn weights etc. I’m curious about the differences; there’s a lot to be learned by experimenting and playing. I can never choose a preferred outcome so I like to include more than one!

(Not sure why I’m squatting by the side of this road…. Brings to mind sayings about bears in the woods).

I haven’t worn the bright one much as it is very loud. I do love my bright colours but I’m not always in a colourful, joyful sort of mood. That’s one of the reasons I named the shawl Road to Nowhere. The writer of the song (by the Talking Heads) says it’s a “joyful look at doom”. Joyful! See? But it is also named thusly because the border reminded me of a road and it is, indeed, a road that doesn’t go anywhere. Just round and round.

I think it’s quite a fitting name. I was feeling a bit “meh” when I came up with it but I actually think it fits rather well. It’s important to me not to name a design project after the colours used due to the fact that other crocheters, who will hopefully make your design, will use an entirely different palette.

Not my dog
Apparently, once you start throwing sticks, you’re not allowed to stop.
Rainbow Road

I’ve run out of things to say about it now. Have I missed anything? Let me know!

Also, that’s quite enough of the photographs too. We took loads and were there less than an hour. That was plenty. In that short time my nose had gone red, my fingers numb and my feet had turned to ice. Hope you like the shawl (and Paul’s pics!) Cheers. xxx

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Z&R Crochet Podcast 67. Massive Head

Hello, how are you? I think you need to make a cup of tea, grab some yarn and get cracking with some crochet (or knitting, embroidery etc) while you catch up with what I’ve been up to! I feel like I’ve done loads over the last couple of weeks so there’s lots to chat about. check out my YouTube channel HERE or go to the latest episode by clicking on the picture above.

Not many photos today but, honestly it’s because I’ve been so busy crocheting I haven’t had time to snap it all! 😀


The Just Feel Festive Shawl by Caleisha Ryan

The Frosted Midnight hat by Sam Squeak

Encanto wrap by Claudia of Crochet Luna

ZZ Block c2c baby blanket

One Way or Another (the shawl behind me)

Fibre Rocks festival on IG as @rocksfibre

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Celebrating sewing in lots of ends by playing with them!
Just Feel Festive shawl by Caleisha Ryan

Z&R Crochet Podcast. Never Gonna Stop

First of all, this is a sniffy sniffy, hair touchy episode. So sorry, but I was super fidgety today. Plus, I had a cold nose! With that out of the way, welcome to Episode 66! Please click on the picture above to go to the episode of go Here to my YouTube channel. Ta very much. x


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Instagram. Perhaps you fancy looking at some pictures!

Etsy. Another path to patterns!

The Just Feel Festive Shawl

The Cloud Nine Jumper

Ayssium cardigan

French Press cardi

Somerset Yarns

I also talked about Paintbox, Drops Nord and Cascade Heritage

Any questions, give me a shout! Thanks ever so much. x

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Z&R Crochet Podcast Episode 65. Potty Mouth

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good time over the last few weeks. I know I’m ready to just get on with things… As always, please hit the pic above to go directly to the latest episode of my little crochet podcast or, go HERE to my YouTube channel. Cheers.

I have a couple of WIPs and a couple of finished objects but no more photos. I will endeavour to get the camera out more in the next few weeks.

Links and stuff:

Cloud Nine Jumper by Iron Lamb

John Arbon Textiles

Patreon. Just in case you fancy giving a little bit of support. x

Just Feel Festive shawl by Caleisha Ryan

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Z&R Crochet Podcast: Dirty Palette

Hi, this is the last video for the year and indeed, the decade! Nuts! It’s super busy every where at the moment so hopefully you find twenty minutes to have a sit down. Please click on the pic above to go directly to Episode 64. Or, you can have a look at the whole YouTube channel HERE, where you’ll find all other episodes and lots of crochet video tutorials. Cheers!


Hinterland Shawl

Crochet Bauble pattern

ZZ Block Blanket

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Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas! x

Z&R Crochet Podcast 63. Willing to Make it Twice

Hello again! I hope you’re well? Episode 63 has WIPs galore as well as a couple of little FOs. There are two Giveaways as well. And finally, I can talk without the fear of getting cut off every four minutes! Hoo-bloody-ray.

Please hit the pic above to go directly to the episode or visit all of the Z&R YouTube channel HERE for more crochet podcasts / vlogcasts as well as plenty of crochet video tutorials. Ta very much. x


I had every intention of telling you that I was wearing the Mount Tremper Sweater but totally forgot. I mentioned in the previous episode and thought I should give it an outing before making my mind up whether to frog it or not (probs no point really).

The fabric is from Wool Warehouse, which you probably already know and then Cloth & Candy, which is a lovely online store that Shirley Rainbow told me about.

Granny Xmas hat pattern. 20% off in Ravelry until the 8th of December. No code needed.

The ZZ Block Corner to Corner blanket

Kirk & Roger hooks on Etsy.

Ruffle Rose Free Crochet Pattern.

The yarn for my new design is being mostly made in 50g skeins from Siobahn’s Crafts.

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More pics below. x

New bits!
Kirk and Roger hooks
ZZ Block Blanket

Ruffle Rose Brooch. Quick Crochet Make

Christmas is one month away. One month is sure to whizz by! Are you making presents? Crochet Christmas pressies are always good. Ones that take less than half an hour to knock up are even better.

This Rose Ruffle brooch featured last year, in issue 107 of Inside Crochet. It was a Christmas issue so it seems apt that I’m releasing it here, in time for Christmas again! It is such a speedy project; you could make loads and still have time to make Santa Hats with matching garlands (20% off Ravelry until December 8th), Baubles (free pattern and an accompanying video tutorial HERE). And lots of other things too, I suppose!

Image from issue 107 of Inside Crochet

The brooch is made in one long piece and spiralled around into shape. A few stitches with a needle and the tail ends secures everything in place. Then sew on the brooch back. It’s pretty simple.

Whilst the pattern tells you to change colour during Row 1, you don’t have to. You can make them in all one colour if preferred.

Oh, because it was published in a UK magazine, the terms are UK crochet stitches. It is pretty easy to translate: A UK dc is a US sc, a UK tr is a US dc and so on…



● Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk (75% extra fine merino, 20% silk, 5% cashmere), 50g/116m/127yd, 1 ball of Dusty Pink (346) & 1 ball of Twinkle (491). You can stash bust any other dk weight yarn. I’ve made them in aran too and the result is similar.

● Twilley’s Washable Goldfingering (80% viscose, 20% metallised polyester), 25g/100m, 1 ball in antique gold (shade 4). I have also found sparkly yarn in Aldi before now.

● 4 mm hook

● 3cm brooch back

● Needle

Measures: 8cm/3.5in

With Yarn A chain 31

Row 1: 5dc in 2nd ch from hook, 5dc in next st, [5htr in next st] 5 times, [6tr in next st] 7 times, [6dtr in next st] four times, change colour to YB, [6dtr in next st] four times, 7dtr in next st] 8 times, do not turn. [181st] 

Row 2: Attach YC to the first st of Row 1 (leave a tail), 1dc BLO in each stitch to end, fasten off.

Coil the crochet around on itself, securing with stitches with a needle and yarn tail as you go (begin with the end of smaller petals). Sew on the brooch back. Make loads.

When you’re done, don’t forget to add it to your projects page on Ravelry!! Ta very much. x

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PS if you want to make a small batch for your local Christmas fair or something then that’s fine. But please let me know; I’m nosey and really want to see!


Z&R Crochet Podcast 62. Eager Beaver

Hi! I trust you’re well? After a break of a few weeks I have returned with the latest crochet podcast. Head on over to YouTube to watch! Click on the pic above to go directly to the episode. Links and pics are below. If I’ve missed something, or you have a query, please do give me a shout. Thanks ever so much. X


Kinesis Sweater by We are Knitters

The Betty Boyfriend Sweater

Stitchfest South West

Kirk &Roger hooks are on Etsy

Cloud Nine Jumper by Iron Lamb

Christmas Granny Hat. there’s 20% off Ravelry until Sunday 8th December

ZZ Block C2C baby blanket

The Frost Shawl by Hannah of the Cozy Crochet Cottage

Patreon. your support would be amazing! Thank you

Find me on Instagram HERE!

Snow Leopard Designs. Fab handmade, up-cycled wrist warmers

Siobhans’s Craft

Dina’s Home of Crafts

I got my Lykke hooks from Cat & Sparrow