Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast Episode 44

Hohoho! Merry Christmas… Actually this is a normal crochet podcast on YouTube, it just happens to be December… Click on the pic above to get to the latest episode or go HERE to my whole YouTube channel. Thanks. X

Links for all the things I talk about are below (as well as some extra crochet pics). If I’ve left any thing out please do give me a polite nudge. Ta very much.

Oh, I forgot to mention my Christmas crochet Wish lists! Go HERE and HERE, they’re full of great ideas for crochet lovers!


Zigzgag jumper by Yarnfamily. I talk about this right at the end!

IronLamb Slope Style colourblock hat

For the chunky knit scarf I’m using THIS yarn.

Crocheted Birds by Vanessa Mooncie

The Weekender Blankie by Cherry Heart

Stitchsperation cross stitch

Sally’s Shed

Zelda’s YouTube channel.

Places you can find me Instagram, Ravelry, Pinterest, Facebook, Love Crochet, Etsy

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Kim from @yarnfamily has designed this awesome zigzag jumper

New bedroom!!

He’s like a cute dinosaur



Another Christmas Wish List for Crocheters!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Wish List of things that crocheters might quite like for Christmas. It’s amazing how many ideas come flooding in once you open the gates. Not only could I not stop thinking of things I’d quite like to find under the Christmas tree, lots of people got in touch to make sure I knew about X, Y & Z too!

There’s still shopping time before Christmas so I think I can legit reel out another list of crochet related good stuff.

Here we go….

1. Fancy Scissors

To be honest I don’t mind the cheapy scissors that I buy. When they go blunt I just get another pair. The old pair get downgraded to paper cutting scissors and remain so until I use them to actual death. A quick look on Etsy and there are loads of pretty ones to choose from. If the Crocheter in your life is an IG fiend, get cool ones that are Instagrammable!

2. A Gauge Wotsit & hook measuring Thingy

Very useful indeed! And not that pricey. Square ones are good, like THIS one. And don’t forget a thingy for measuring hook sizes, the one HERE is fab. Some of my cheap metal hooks have the wrong size stamped on them, some have no sizing at all. You need to have a way of measuring them.

3. Mug

Love it!

Perfect, right?! It’s from Dear Ewe, an online shop that sells loads of crochet related items.

4. More enamel pins

There are loads out there if you know where to go rummaging. Look at these: Woah There Pickle, Two Girls co, My Crochet Makes, Pretty Little Stickers

5.  Sock Blockers

Not my area but I know others love em. Whilst I have lost my crochet sock virginity (it wasn’t as painful as I imagined; I even enjoyed going solo with my own design), I am not planning on becoming a sock slut.

6. Tote

I love a tote! Take current projects out and about in them, store ancient wips in them, get one that’s yarn related like THIS one! It’s a doozy…

Pretty Little Stitckers on Etsy

7. Blocking Mats

Know where your purchases are coming from. Get blocking mats from Knit It, Hook It, Craft It. Fay gives you the provenance of most (if not all) of the products she sells. Or try a wooden board for blocking individual squares and smaller crochet items.

8. Hook Case

EpidendronDesigns on etsy

I just found this one and I like it! Lots of sellers make them. All you need to do is type in “crochet hook case” into Etsy and choose one!

9. Pens, Pencils & Notebook

Stationery was a childhood obsession of mine. I still have an unfathomable amount of empty notebooks waiting to be used but that doesn’t stop me buying more. And you need pens and pencils to go with, obvs. A crocheter needs a notebook to make notes about patterns they’re following, to write lists about the future projects they want to make, and to scribble down new and original design ideas.

10. Lykke wooden Hooks

Lykke hooks.

OMG!! I flipping LOVE these! They truly are things of beauty. Also expensive. For UK buyers get them from Loop. I wonder what they’d be like to crochet with? I think I’d just look at them.  Possibly stroke them too.

11. Posh Pins and Blocking wires

Blocking wires are super useful and the sort of thing I’m too tight to invest in (I make do with knitting needles!). This is a more practical gift than a pretty/special thing but like me, maybe you’re too mean to get yourself the proper gear. Maybe someone can buy them for you. Not everyone blocks their work so if you’re going to buy these for a yarny person, make sure they believe in the power of blocking.

12. Hooked For Life

Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Temple was recommended to me after I published the last list. I haven’t read it but it’s a book of crochet related essays. Sounds perfect!

There will be more ideas I’m certain, but for this year I think two lists is plenty. The first one is HERE. Whether it’s you doing the purchasing or you have thrust the information under the nose of someone else who’s looking for crochet treats, I hope the lists prove useful! Ta very much and merry Christmas! xxx

Oh, and don’t forget that crochet is not just for Christmas ;p

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Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast. Episode 43… Mean Streak

Howdy!! OK, some pics and only a few links this episode but that’s because we’re on a pretty short episode again this time round. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have an episode around the thirty min mark though, right?! Please do click on the picture above to travel with speed to the new episode of my crochet podcast Oooorr you can just find all the vlogs and tutorials HERE!


ZZ Block C2C Blanket pattern

C2C CAL Special episode

Garter’s Ahoy. A knitted shawl by Sandra of Cherry Heart

The Creative Business Network. An open group of creative folk that meet once a month in Exeter to let off steam!!

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A yarn wish granted!

Some basic knitting to improve the skillz

Leaping Waves. A new cowl in issue 108 of Inside Crochet.

New magazine features.

A Christmas Wish List for Crocheters!

Before we begin, please let me be clear to my family & friends, this isn’t my personal wish list. Don’t literally get me this stuff! Chances are, I have caved and already bought these things for myself…

Right, anyway, this really is very simple. You have a lover of crochet in your life and you need/want to get them something for Christmas. Take a look at this list and I’m sure you will find something that they will LOVE.

You’d think this was a post containing those affiliate links, it’s not. I’m just making things up as I go!

1. Yarn

Goes without saying. Make it good stuff though, yeah? Think along the lines of posh(ish), high end commercial yarn or a gorgeous skein (or two) of indie dyed. Take a look at the sort of thing your friend/family member likes to make and try to match up a bit. If they only like to make baby blankets, the likelihood is they won’t be into a hank of speckled 4ply. Get them quality DK instead. If they’re into making shawls or socks then the indie dyed hank/skein would be brilliant. Find a local yarn shop and chat to the owner to get some help if you need it, or if that’s not possible then you probably won’t go wrong in a John Lewis haberdashery department. Don’t forget that mini skeins make great stocking fillers!

2. Magazine Subscription

There are loads to choose from so this is hard. If I narrow it down to UK subs that makes it easier. Inside Crochet magazine would be my choice, it has contemporary, stylish designs and also embraces the traditional. I also enjoy Mollie Makes as an all round crafty mag. Then there’s Simply Crochet and Crochet Now, both have a good mix of content.

For high-end there’s Pompom Quarterly but I get cross with Pompom. It says there’s crochet on the front cover but there’s rarely any inside of its pages, just a lot of (amazing) knitting patterns. I got a subscription for Christmas a couple of years ago. For the entire year, there was only one crochet pattern. Still, the pictures were pretty…. Fingers crossed some amazing crochet designs get featured soon. Come on Pompom, crochet is awesome!

Toft and Scheepjes both feature crochet in their seasonal magazines too. For the US, I’ve been told that Interweave is a good choice.

3. Clothes!

I got myself an early present in the form of a sweatshirt from Stitchers Tees. You can choose from hoodies and t-shirts as well. I love mine!

A sneak peek of a new cowl that’s coming out later in the week in issue 108 of Inside Crochet!!

4. Pins/Badges/Buttons etc

A fabulous stocking filler idea! Enamel pins are super popular right now. Try Joanne Hawker or Lanabou for craft related accessories. Crochet Luna has an impressive array of crochet buttons, many of which adorn my project bags. I also recently bought myself a pretty brooch from Shirley Rainbow. I know that it isn’t crochet but neither is the cross stitch bauble from Stitchsperation!! I don’t care, they’re still crafty and gorgeous!

Love my new cross stitch bauble from Stitchsperation. I went off piste with the design and did a free form Christmas tree.

5. Project bag.

Loads of makers on Etsy sell handmade bags you can store your crochet projects in. One that is most definitely on my Christmas list is a Floofhunta bag from the Yarnistry shop (navy medium or large with rose gold please!).  Or, look at the beauty below from Handmade by Yael.

Love this bag from Handmade by Yael.

6. A pattern

You can buy patterns from an independent designer (like me!) all over the internet. These are mostly digital downloads, which you can choose to gift. You just need the email address of your crochet loving pal so it gets sent to them. Try Ravelry, Love Crochet or Etsy, and now there’s the Making Things app, which is a monthly subscription where a maker can get their hands on loooadds of crochet & knitting patterns. I’ll be finding out more about this soon; I’ll be sure to pass on the info.

7. A Fancy Hook

I always see people using Furls hooks, I’ve not tried one before but they’re supposed to be very good to use and ergonomic too, they’re like the designer hook, I guess. Or there are handmade hooks. I’ve seen beautiful hooks whittled from wood (want!). For example, drool over Knitbrooks twig hooks, and squee over Make.E’s hooks which are  wrapped in funky Fimo designs.

Hooks by Knitbrooks

8. Tickets to a Yarn Festival

There are yarn festivals all over the country and all over the world. Buy a pair of tickets. Day pass, weekend, whatever. Throw in a fancy hotel too! ;p

9. Stitch Markers/Progress Keepers

Another stocking filler. Lots of people make and sell these in online shops. You can quickly end up with a large collection!

10. Yarn Bowl

I’m not fussed about yarn bowls, I quite like my yarn bopping about all over the place as I work, but I know not everyone feels the same. Keep your woolly bits in check by keeping your balls in a bowl.

11. A Granny Square Print

Swoon! A Granny Square print from Kirsten Sevig

This is stunning! I love this so much! Such treasure. The artist is Kirsten Sevig of Striped Pear Studio. I love the sentiment behind it too. The original painting was made for a crochet loving friend of the artist. The friend, Susan, founded Granny Square Day over on Instagram!

12. A Workshop or Retreat

Workshops are wonderful things; fab community get-togethers for like minded makers where you learn a new skill. There will be a small business near you running crafty workshops. They’re great fun! Some will only be a couple of hours and cost just a few quid or you could splurge and book a weekend retreat for proper indulgent crochet time.

13. The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater

Books!! A book can be tricky because there are so many to choose from. Too many, even. Not every book will please every crocheter. Unless you know their style then it might be best to avoid a pattern book and go for memoirs instead. A few months ago I got The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater it’s a collection of essays about being a crafter. It’s mostly knitting orientated but crochet gets a look in too. Having just looked on Amazon I can see a whole load of yarn related memoirs! A Stash on One’s Own sounds good…. eh, I don’t know if I want to go down this rabbit hole. Ooh, I remember getting Dead Men Don’t Crochet a while back, a crime/murder mystery that’s also about crochet. I couldn’t finish it, it was too daft but you might think it’s great! 😀

I’ve got to stop there I’m afraid. I know there are loads more ideas out there but I’m going to rein it in before I get carried away. Have I missed out of any obvious ones? Let me know! x

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It’s done, it’s over. Step away from the crochet! … How do you feel?

For all my thoughts on the Corner to Corner Crochet Along 2018 please do check out the video (click the pic above) over on YouTube. I chat about what I made, what you made and who won prizes!

I have posted quite a bit on here about the CAL over the last couple of months, there are tonnes of ideas if you want to check them out. The original posts are HERE and HERE.

Thank you so much for joining in, it really does show what a fantastic community we have here. Below are plenty of lovely corner to corner pictures, showing the sort of thing people got up to.  There are so many impressive projects here, really demonstrating the tricks one can get up to with this fab stitch! What do you think?

I will leave the vid up for a week before publishing the winners here and on Ravelry. I want it to be a surprise! If you watch and you find out that you’re a winner, please give me a shout and we’ll go from there, cheers  ;p

Get yourself to the Ravelry threads and look at the #c2cCal18 hashtag on Insta to see all wonderful makes.

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Home Fire Ridge

Claudia Dingle

Top: Crochetlovemelbourne, springintostitch, so_fie1974 Middle: aquabella_crafts, crafty_cc, jellybean_junction Bottom: Sewveehoo, poppyseedsbeads, claudiadingle

top: apapsa, jellybean_junction Bottom: hookonepurlone, craftycruella

Top: claudiadingle, crochetbyredagape Bottom: silvietonellotto, karen.rusticrose

Top: happyinred, knotsosquare, sweetsharna Middle: rebecca70au, teaandcrafting, crochetsmilla Bottom: Janinerosenke, 3littlepears, karen.rusticrose

Top: silvietonellotto, geertje1310 Bottom: thefridaymornings, iceflowercrochet

Top: jo_kill, birdhousestitches, crochyaylucy Middle: nikki_jaydub, silviwtonellotto, sweet_sharna Bottom: crochetteamumma, poppyseedsbeads, heartmade_by_silvia







Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast Episode 42

Time for some crochet chat again! Click on the pic above to go to the latest episode or HERE to my YouTube channel. Ta. x

Watch this episode to find out more about a 5K Giveaway too ;p


Just in case you need to catch up, HERE is the last episode

Release the Hounds is over on Ravelry!

The cosy Slipper Sock pattern and link to the video tutorial can be found HERE

Garter’s Ahoy knitted shawl pattern by Sandra of Cherry Heart.

The C2C book.

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Release the Hounds


Easy Crochet Slipper Socks

Please know that all of this took blinkin’ ages! A reeallly long time. Nevertheless, you asked for a pattern and tutorial and that is what you have got. It’s all free, if I’m lucky I’ll probably make 2 quid from YouTube ads and that’s about it! But, do you know what? I love doing it!! If you would like to support my crochet design adventures, all I ask is that you spread the word. Share share share. And go to Ravelry to buy allll of my designs, the ones that have a price tag!! Cheers, thanks ever so much! xxx

Click on the pic above to go to the video tutorial.  Find the PDF below..

If you would like to support my crochet adventures, please consider supporting me on Patreon. It would mean the world. Thank you. x

Right, on with the good stuff…

These cosy crochet socks are made out of aran weight yarn, they’ll be comfy in wellies but probably not your posh shoes. Splodge some of that sticky stuff on the soles so that they turn into non-slip slipper socks. Anyway, I’ve gone for a PDF download pattern and it has loads of info.

A word of advice: go for the Leader of the Pac yarn (or similar) rather than the Three Bears yarn. The  latter has very little stretch and is also not as soft and squishy.  The sock I made in that came up slightly smaller too. I’m also not convinced that you should go for 100% natural fibres for socks.

Something else to note: accuracy is important for socks but I think these ones are more forgiving than ones made from 4ply. However it is definitely worth getting the measurements of the foot you’re making these socks for.

Click here for to download the PDF:  Easy Slipper Socks

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The sample I worked up for the tutorial


Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast 41.

Howdy! Welcome to episode 41 of the Zeens and Roger crochet podcast. Click on the pic to go to the episode or go HERE to YouTube for all the episodes and crochet tutorials.

Links and pics:

C2C Crochet Along links: The Main Blog Post, The Other Blog Post, The Chatter Thread, The Finished Object thread

Qing Fibre

Bhooked C2C podcast episode with Make and Do Crew

Blacker Yarns Tamar Lustre Blend

Crochet Luna badges

HomeFire Ridge Etsy shop

The Tar Barrels: A great article HERE, Check out the action HERE (it’s a slow burner this video but it pretty much demonstrates what it’s all about). For a quicker burst of action, take a look HERE

Stitchers Tees:  jumpers, t-shirts project bags etc…

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Garden Frost

It got cold. I know it’s not heavy, wintery frost but I wasn’t expecting any at all. October isn’t usually icy. The change to the garden jogged my memory, I was reminded that I used to write garden blog posts. Over the last few months I have taken a few pictures but not really thought about putting them together with words.  Let’s try that today…

I like it when steam rises off the fences.

My veg patch was littered with rogue snap dragons, violas and other pretty, uninvited guests this year. I left them all.

It is properly autumn now.


What’s this daft rose doing out now?

leafless fig.

Leaf abundant fig.

Wasp and hornet.

Fig chutney

I don’t know when this was. August?

Another rogue. I have not identified this pale orange gourd. Classic pumpkin or mutant butternut?

Whatever it is, it got turned it into a very large pan of soup

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Zeens & Roger Crochet Podcast. Episode 40!

Episode 40?! 40??? How did that happen? Sounds like quite a lot! Click on the pic above to go to the episode (which is chock full of crochet goodness, by the way) or HERE to my YouTube channel. Please remember to Like and Subscribe!! ;p Cheers.

Don’t forget that Harvest Moon and all my C2C patterns have 20% off at the moment.

Links and stuff:

Harvest Moon shawl

Havana Nights C2C blanket

ZZ Block C2C blanket

Free spider pattern and tutorial (for it is soon to be Hallowe’en!)

C2C CAL 2018

Segue Socks by Addydae Designs

Leader of the Pac aran alpaca from Hobbycraft

Knitcrate subscriptions

Nordic Noir/Hinterland is in Mollie Makes issue 98

I made a spider with t-shirt yarn!