Winter is Coming: Get Crochet Ready.


It’s properly autumn now; the urge to make woolly warm things is upon me. I’m starting with things for me (this will come as no surprise to those who know me)! Then I have lots of things waiting which, will become wintery outerwear for others. Crochet hat? Crochet scarf? Crochet gloves? I hope so! Sorry everyone, it’s another handmade Christmas!


I ordered more Tunisian crochet hooks quite soon after I first tried it a couple of weeks ago. I very quickly spotted a gorgeous looking cowl from BHooked and I knew it was something I could do with my new skill. I ordered the same brand of wool used in the original pattern (Lion Brand Wool Ease in Barley and Mustard) and I have to say that it’s perfectly nice. I’ve got no problems with it and it’ll be lovely and warm because of the wool content. And there is no itch, which is very important when smooshing against a neck.


Tunisian crochet has quite a curl to it. This won’t be an issue once it’s finished. To get a good idea of my progress I have to hold it flat.Ā  My progress is slow, I’ve found that chunky yarn is not something that can be worked on for long stretches. Achey fingers are a bit of an issue. Also, I hold the hook differently, which will hopefully improve with practise.


To go with my new cowl I’m making a hat. I’m picking this up when I put down the other. I’m two balls into a three ball hat. I’ve guessed at three, I think it should just do it but there probably won’t be much slouch when I’ve finished. I’m using aran weight; Big Merino by Drops (love Drops!). It’sĀ  dense but super soft. I like it and know it’ll be lovely and warm. The pattern for this is sort of made up but before I started, I looked about on Pinterest and found that there are several patterns that essentially make this hat. Here is my hat board for Pinterest, try the Urban Slouch Beanie.


There had better be enough of something left so I can make a pompom…




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  1. Love the hat , I think I may have some of that yarn too. I have a pattern from tlycrafts (she’s on ig) which starts at the top , same result. Anytime I tried working from bottom the band ends up too tight .

    Love the Tunisian , lovely effect. I love that yarn used it a few times last year myself

    1. I never count stitches, just measure against a suitable head!! I think I’m getting there with sizing but I used to make them too small too. I noticed on IG that you were working from the top, it looks much neater and prettier that way but if you’re hiding it with a pompom then I’m willing to take the easy option! (You know how lazy I am!)

  2. Hi Rosina, thank you for joining in with my link party! I love the look of your winter crochet. I really like using Wool-Ease, it’s a nice yarn for wearable stuff. I’m glad you found my blog and I hope we’ll keep in touch. I’m looking forward to watching your projects take shape this winter!

    1. Thank you for having me!
      I’m really enjoying the Wool-Ease, it’s working up beautifully fast! I’ll definitely use it again.
      I’ll make sure I pop over to see what you’re up to (and all the others in the Winter Party!). Thank you. X

  3. I popped over from Jennifer’s love all the bright colors you are using. I have never tried Tunisian crochet, I knit so I felt it was very similar, but now I want to give it a try.

    1. Hi Meredith!
      It’s kind of a mix between knitting and crochet and still easy enough for me to get my head around! I haven’t tried any fancy stitches yet but I’m enjoying the flow of this basic pattern. I’m not much much of a knitter (I can do it a little bit but I get in a tangle with needles!); I should practise more.
      Thank you for coming over! X

  4. Looking like you’ll be very cozy for the winter! Making me think I need to hurry up with the blanket I’m crocheting and so I can get started on knitting or crocheting some hats and scarves!

    1. I’ve been making an extra effort to get these done, other wise I’m so gonna run out of time. I finished the hat last night and I’m half way there with the scarf. Then I start all over again with the present making! I’m starting to get worried that people will get balls of wool for christmas…

      1. Gift people a crochet hook and a ball of wool and say it’s a ‘make your own…’ present. They’re all the rage these days šŸ˜€

    1. Honestly, it isn’t that tricky. I watched a couple of different you tube videos and off I went. I used the magazine freebies to learn too but then I thought I may as well get a cheap set. Can’t say I’m going to be taking it up instead of regular crochet but I am interested in learning some more stitches. šŸ™‚

  5. I’ve got lots of hats to make, too. Just standard knitting for me, no crochet , Tunisian or otherwise. Love the mustard coloured wool. Am a huge fan of Drops yarn, too, and have just bought more Drops Polaris to make a chunky beanie for No.1 Son.

  6. Love that time of year when it’s time to knit and crochet winter woollies! Love the colours, looking forward to checking out your tunisian cowl turns out, I had a go at it earlier this year but I didn’t finish the scarf I was making. Next winter…;)

    1. Me too! Both hat and cowl are finished, I must take some pictures! It wasn’t too bad. The hat was very quick (I’ve made a few before, which helps!), the cowl took a bit longer but I definitely sped up after a few more rows.
      Cheers. X

  7. Your stitches are so pretty…much more complex than I have ever tried. I look forward to seeing how your projects develop…and I love your bag šŸ™‚ I loved reading about you in your ABOUT page. As an old lady of 65 I still feel like I am an amateur in my creative pursuits, but that does not stop me from enjoying the process of creating either šŸ™‚ So nice to meet you at Jennifer’s party, Rosina.

    1. Hi, thank you very much! I’ve taken pics of my the completed hat and scarf today. Will get round to posting them at some point! They’re ridiculously warm so I’m hoping for an extra cold winter… probably should be careful what I wish for!
      I’m not sure at what point one transitions from amateur to professional. I am not a very successful business woman but I love tinkering with crafty projects anyway!

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