5 Christmas Crochet Patterns

Christmas crochet bundle of patterns

What Will You Crochet For Christmas?

A couple of years ago I put together a Christmas crochet bundle of festive patterns. I did not make enough noise about it and it didn’t sell very well at all. At no point did I plan a fun publication party for it and I didn’t shout it from the rooftops. I am a silly sausage.

Essentially, I thought it would be a lovely idea to put together all of my Christmas crochet designs in one place so that there was all kinds of yuletide inspiration all in one place. Some of the patterns are available for free, you can find them in my Free Patterns page. A couple of the ideas are paid crochet patterns but in this bundle you can get them collectively for a bargain price!

Buy the Christmas Crochet bundle on Ravelry!! Or, if you don’t use Rav, you can find the bundle in my Etsy shop too. Up until the 30th of November you can receive a 25% discount with the code NOVSALE. Enter the code at the checkout.

This code applies to all of my patterns on Ravelry and Etsy at the moment, not just this bundle, so please have a look and see if there are any other crochet patterns that you fancy. Thanks!

Take a look at the Crochet Christmas collection of patterns below…

Cosy crochet socks

Easy Crochet Slippers Socks

A popular pattern of mine is for some very cosy crochet socks. I created a helpful “how to” video tutorial as well as the written sock pattern on the blog. The original pair weren’t festive but it is super easy to crochet a holly motif to pop onto a plain pair of winter white socks. In fact, my feet are cold right now so I think I’m going to dig these out and put them on. It’s definitely acceptable to wear Christmas socks in November, right?

C2C sweater pattern

Simple C2C Festive Lights Sweater

As someone decided to tell me on Pinterest recently, it’s not a very Christmassy jumper, is it?! Hmm, I know it isn’t full blown Christmas style but so what?! It’s a gentle nod to colourful Christmas lights against a snowy backdrop. I like the subtle seasonal hints of this crochet sweater design. Not everyone wants Christmas to be a punch in the face.

Plus, the PDF does have an additional Christmas themed C2C design!

Find the blog post about my C2C Christmas jumper here. You’ll find a link to the video tutorial in the same place. I have tried to cover everything in the vid to help you make your own C2C jumper!

Crochet Santa Hats!

christmas crochet bunting

This fun festive pattern has a real life-size granny stitch hat design alongside its mini-me version of Santa hat bunting. I love it and the bunting is festooned upon our walls every year. These lil crochet Santa hats don’t have to be a garland, take a peek at my tree in the corner of the photo above and you can see a hat hanging from the spruce’s branches.

Is it too early to start making paper chains yet? They look so lovely with the hat bunting!

Granny stitch crochet christmas hat

The life-size version of my granny stitch Santa hat was modelled by my baby (who does not look this young anymore!). This Christmas crochet hat fits most grown up heads too, not just kids. It has been a few years since I designed this chunky hat for festive heads and it is still going strong. We fight over who gets to wear it to which Christmas party! Perhaps I should make more….?

Christmas Crochet Baubles

I think these granny stitch baubles are my favourite! They are easy and very fast to make. Before you know it, you will have made a treeful! Every year I am tempted to make more crochet Christmas baubles but I resist. I really don’t need more, we have loads! How many would you make?

As well as being part of the bundle, these colourful decorations are also a Christmas Bauble video tutorial.

5 Christmas Crochet Ideas

What do you think? Hopefully you like these Christmas craft ideas as much as I do. Fingers crossed, you also think that having them as a bundle is a good idea too, so let’s have an overview…

I’ve thrown together a collection of my favourite festive crochet designs all in one document. A Festive collection of Christmas Crochet patterns. In this bundle you will find:
● Cosy Slipper Socks in 3 sizes
● Chunky Granny Santa Hat
● Mini Santa Hat Bunting
● Colourful Baubles
● Christmas C2C Sweater in 9 different sizes

As well as the written patterns, there are also video tutorials for the C2C jumper, colourful baubles and cosy slipper socks, which can also be found for free on my blog. The Granny Hat and hat bunting are only available elsewhere as a paid pattern. It is bargain bundle for quick Christmas makes!

Don’t forget to check out my other Free Patterns, plus I have even more patterns in my Ravelry store. And if you’re not a Rav user, then I also have an Etsy shop (Oh, gosh, and Lovecrafts and Ribblr, I have all the fingers in all the pies!)

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Crochet Christmas!

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