Z&R Crochet Podcast 78. Very Fluffy

Hi. OK so I didn’t get to do Yoga so here is the latest episode! (I turned up as did a few others but the instructor neglected to tell us she couldn’t access the hall….). Anyway, no yoga tonight means I could edit and upload the this crochet podcast! Every cloud… Check out my YouTube Channel HERE or click on the pic above to watch 78.


Encanto wrap by Claudia

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Z&R Crochet Podcast 77. Pervy Voyeur

Hello, welcome to Episode 77 of the Zeens and Roger Crochet Podcast!! Let’s cut to the chase (it’s all there in the episode – go watch it, it’s fun. And I might even mention tortoise intercourse…). Click on the pic above for the episode or go HERE to YouTube. Fanx!


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Z&R Crochet Podcast. We Don’t Need Roads

Hello there, how are you?! After a few weeks of being podcast free I thought it was time to make my triumphant return… For Episode 76, please click on the image above. For access to the whole of the Zeens and Roger crochet channel, you’ll find that by going HERE to YouTube.


HGDesigns YouTube channel

The Acre Pullover

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The skirt I made is this one: https://www.lovesewingmag.co.uk/product/wendy-ward-essential-skirt/

Playing with the ends of my grannies

Z&R Crochet Podcast 75. Frogged

Hi, how are you? Welcome to Episode 75 of my crochet podcast. If you want to jump straight to the episode, then please click on the pic above. However, if you would like to peruse the rest of my crochety YouTube channel, then go HERE. Cheers. x


I think you should watch Claudia’s (Crochet Luna!) interview with Kristy Glass Knits. It is HERE.

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The Acre pullover from Pompom Quarterly

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I didn’t take any more photos this week… 🙁

Z&R Crochet Podcast 74. Next Row

Two weeks fly by, don’t they?! Here is Episode 74 already. Please click on the above picture to go directly to the episode or go HERE to YouTube crochet goodness. It became apparent on the edit that I may have PMT in this video, I have some strong opinions….


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Zali Zigzag chevron tutorial by Meet me at Mike’s

My beautiful Craft Slut bag and pin is from Fickle Craftroom

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The winter issue of PomPom is no.31. I am making the Acre pullover with Malabrigo Mechita.

Loads of pictures below… keep scrolling!

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Z&R Crochet Podcast 73. Loads of Yarn!

How is lockdown treating you? Here is episode 73 of this crochet podcast, I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you something to do whilst you wait for everything to ease. Please hit the pic above to go directly to the episode or go HERE to my YouTube channel. Thank you x


It’s my birthday on Monday. To celebrate there is a 20% discount of Ravelry and Etsy until midnight on the 4th. It’s a flash sale, hope you don’t miss it!

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Stop, Drop and Pop shawl

Zali Zigzag chevron by Meet me at Mikes

The Acre Sweater by Judith Brand featured in issue 31 of Pompom quarterly. Crochet Luna is co-hosting a CAL starting the 1st of May.

The Global Hookup – A monthly Zoom chat run by Fay of the Crochet Circle Podcast

Folkstone Harbour Yarn

Thanks! x

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Z&R Crochet Podcast 72. Smell the Trill

Hi! I hope you’re well. I hope today’s episode is a positive distraction. Insincere apologies for my underarm flashes. To be honest, if you find it offensive, meh, whatever… Let’s move on to the crochet, shall we?! Sooo, click on the image above for the episode. Go HERE for all the YouTube good stuff.

Links and pics:

Zeens & Roger on Insta

Z&R on Patreon

Forager’s shawl

Stop, Drop & Pop shawl by the Crochet Project

I’m wearing the Dreamy Oversized cardi by Lauren Aston

Then The Loose Leaf sweater from My Crochet Wardobe by Cassie Ward

Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under by Ana Morais Soares

Spectrum Fibre, Birdstreet UK, The Wool Kitchen, Loom, Somerset Yarns

The Marriner yarn is Aran Fleck with Tweed in shade 1502

Z&R Crochet Podcast 71. Squishy Old Bananas

Time for a fortnightly catch up already. Hope you’re well. Please click on the above picture to go to the latest episode or go HERE to YouTube for all my crochet related vids.

This episode includes me talking nonsense about really boring things. But there is hopefully enough crochet to keep you entertained for forty mins. Thanks so much for watching.

Not much in the way of links this week, most of the projects have been talked about in previous episodes or they’re not ready to be linked yet…

The Marriner yarn is Aran Fleck with Tweed in shade 1502.

Happy Frog free pattern.

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fighting frogs.

Sidwell Street Art

Sidwell Street and I go way back. Give it a few months and it will be twenty years ago that I lived and worked there. It’s at the grubby, top end of Exeter High street and even twenty years ago it was grim. But it was home for a couple of years whilst I was in my second and third year of uni. Me and my two flatmates, Tim and Fiona lived above Kent’s, an antique jewelry shop. Mr Kent was our landlord and he ran his dusty old shop down stairs and we had the wonky flat upstairs. The flat wasn’t separate from the shop so if Mr Kent wanted he could just stop in for a chat. Rather kindly, he always hollered up the stairs first. And usually only did it if we hadn’t paid our rent.

Our home was literally falling part. The floor of each room was concave, the windows didn’t fit in their frames and the door of my bedroom once fell off in my hands, I used to lift it into place every night. It was the oldest part of Sidwell Street, I think it used to be a farm building (but I could be making that up, can’t really remember). Kent’s hasn’t been there for a while and I assume Mr Kent is no longer with us as he was pretty musty even then. It now looks like it was knocked down and rebuilt, the brick work is all new and the windows aren’t on the wonk.

It was a few doors down from the Odeon. I worked at the Odeon for about five years. It was my job while I was at uni and a couple more years beyond that as well. It’s a proper original Odeon, built in 1937. There’s some great original features behind the scenes. Sometimes we would go and explore but normally that was frowned upon, especially when we got found out.

I’d wash my clothes at the launderette, go to the pub on the corner, buy my tobacco and cheap wine from Alldays and stuff my face with KFC and Dominoes pizza because they were all on the doorstep. So yeah, Sidwell Street and I know each other well.

A couple of months ago I saw a post on Facebook asking for local artists who were interested in an opportunity to display their work. More and more vacant shops have been appearing up that end of town, so it started to look not just a bit shabby, but really run down. Then along came Adam who could see the potential for something a bit different. He works at Eat the Bird, a restaurant sandwiched between empty shops. From what I understand he contacted the owners of the buildings who agreed to letting people like me display their stuff free of charge. I thought it was a marvellous idea so I got in touch.

Last Saturday I took a crate load of crochet into town and chucked it in the shop window of the old Halfords. Sort of. I actually knew exactly how I wanted it displayed, I even drew a picture. As soon as I heard that I’d been chosen to have my crochet go in a window, I got myself down to Ikea and also did a hasty order on Amazon. (If it had been this weekend, I doubt I’d have been able to do that, Ikea has shut its doors now).

The night before, the boys helped to put together the Ikea bits and we got going with some spray paint (it was so much fun, I think I might become a Grafitti artist next… ). My budget was small, I spent £17 on the Ikea bits and about the same on the paint and tape that was needed.

Then I packed up all my crochet samples and spare blankets. I thought I was taking way too much but actually ended up using it all. Most of it is probably being permanently sacrificed to the Crochet Gods, I don’t think it’ll survive four months in a shop window. It’s unlikely to come out looking exactly like when it went in. It’s a sacrifice worth making, no? I can just crochet it all again if I want to! I just hope people see it now.

Social distancing and the closure of the shops and restaurants that were still thriving means that the foot fall will have dramatically decreased. That’s OK. Even if some people don’t get to see it, at least I can say I have achieved a major thing in my crafting career. I’m dead proud and hopefully those that do see it will be cheered by the sight of lots of colourful woolly bits. I’ve got crochet on the high street, that’s awesome!

It’s there until July. There are also other shop windows with artist’s work on display so if it is at all possible, perhaps on a quiet day, go and check it out.

I’ll post some pics below. First, lots of photos of the space and then the crochet goodness. Let me know what you think! Cheers. x

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Shocked by the power of crochet.

And then the display starts to come together.

I am still recovering from pompom related injuries.
Little helpers
Sharing Halfords with Jo, @rebel_for_life_uk
Sidwell Street art inspo

Z&R Crochet Podcast 70. Little Cars

Hi, podcast time again! Sometimes I get confused as it doesn’t feel like two whole weeks could possibly have gone by. But they always have… So here we are, another crochet fest for you. Links to all added below but if you think I’ve missed something out, give us a shout. Pop over to the episode by clicking on the picture above or go to YouTube HERE for the whole shebang. Cheers. x


Release the Hounds is on Etsy and Ravelry

As is Striped Out, the new baby C2C blanket. EtsyRavelry. 20% off until the end of the month. A quick blog post is HERE.

And Fit to Burst, I wrote a blog post about these wrist warmers this morning. They are now available on Ravelry and Etsy with a 20% discount until the 31st March 2020.

Patreon. Just in case you wanna…

Loose Leaf jumper book

Crochet Easter Eggs. There’s a blog post is HERE. I wrote about these a few times though.

Positivity Spiral. A new design from Fay Dashper-Hughes

ZZ Block C2C blanket.

Remember the name Here At Last. They could get big!

Super proud of this. If you live near Exeter please go and check it out. x
Fit to Burst
ZZ Block